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This week, Apple announced its next iPhone. Dubbed iPhone 5. They announced other things too, like IOS6. But what they are failing to address is a revamp of their much antiquated iTunes.

Even when iTunes was new and novel, it was quickly surpassed by other applications who played and organized music a whole lot better. Now iTunes is covered with cobwebs and graphically looks like grand daddy’s derelict record player. Sad. Of course iTunes does a whole lot more than play music nowadays. It organizes and syncs Apps, organizes and syncs movies and tv, organizes and syncs books, and acts as Apple’s threshold cash register online. i dare say, reaping in more dollars than their stores combined.

Apple is currently at the top of its game. It controls the technology market as well as the profitable technology law suit market too! Mess with Apple and you go to court! And normally lose!

History tells us a grim story of being at the top. The story goes “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.” We all know what happened to Jack and his mud smeared, cracked crown. Once at the top, there is only one way to go and that is down, down, down. I seriously hope not. I love Apple products and use them daily in lots of ways. But iTunes is getting on my nerve nowadays. No way to really sort books, seriously???? No way to really sort movies in a user friendly way, seriously???? And don’t even look at its ridiculous App organization methods. It gives me a migraine to even look at it. I hope Apple gets the message and thinks to itself, “hmmmmm maybe a total revamp of iTunes is overdue?” Ya think????

Oh yeah, Apple released an update to iTunes today. Ummmmmm, NOT! Oy Vey! Please someone at Apple, get a CLUE before we all lose.


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Image of a mobile tabletOne of the greatest impacting factors on our economies eventual success is the improvement of our Work Places. The average American office space is not fit for even a house plant. Why do we think that workers will thrive in a sunlight deprived, faux oxygenated, cave?

One of the biggest factors in a human’s health, mental strength and productivity is sunlight. We must have it to survive. We need it to energize ourselves. Yet, so many of our office places make little use of its benefits.

Along comes Mobile Technology. Basically, what Mobile Technology promises us is the ability to work freely and productively from any place that has a wifi connection and access to our corporate networks. The day of the desk, chair and desktop PC are going bye bye. THANK GOD! Are we getting wise enough to understand that our computers should be able to travel with us? To go wherever we are going? To attend meetings with us?

How many of us have been trapped in 4 hour long, boring, dimly lit, corporate meetings, only to realize that the faded Xerox print out of our training presentation was missing some vital information? Or how about the meeting where the trainer had to fiddle with the projector in order to even start the training, and that took the first 30 minutes of the meeting? Or how about the itching feeling that we sometimes get when we realize that someone is quoting facts incorrectly but nobody is able to plug into our network and verify them?

Sure, we have had big, clunky laptops for awhile. And sometimes individuals at our meetings actually bring those dinosaurs with them to the meeting. But to really be a dynamically driven, innovative, budget friendly, progressive mobile work force, we need lighter tablet based Mobile Technology in everyone’s hands. Image if everyone at the meeting could plug themselves into a training, in their own hands, and/or could even interact with that training or presentation. At the same time, being able to stay constantly apprised of the countless “ASAP” emails that are coming into our inbox! Now, THAT would be a progressive meeting.

And the modern, progressive company is already going that route. Its time for the rest of America to catch up! Our worker ethics depend on technology and innovation. Individuals cannot be committed and responsible for agency wide creativity if the work place does not foster it at all!

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Image of a man surrounded with technology.Its 2011 and we have become a very electronic, technologically advanced, linked in society. Most of what we do on a day to day basis has to do with some technology. We can safely say that technology is impacting our economy. Both in a positive way as well as a negative way.

Mobile communications are now the standard by which we communicate. There are even laws created for how we use our mobile technology to communicate, while driving and at certain establishments or events. It has become part of our norm. You must own a mobile phone else you have fallen into the dark ages of yesteryear.

Television viewing, standard in the 60s and beyond, is in a state of evolution. The great broadcasting networks have slipped, fallen and cannot get up. They have been usurped by the likes of independent subscription based networks. Even how we watch tv is in a state of evolution as the likes of the great providers is fading in favor of streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu. You get exactly what you pay for, and are no longer being forced to pay for 17 Spanish speaking channels, when you don’t even speak Spanish at all.

Books, magazines and newspapers have evolved. Now all are provided in electronic format and the electronic format has begun a serious evolution of its own. Huge opportunities for advertisers, polls, reader feedback and other electronic communications have arrived and will start appearing more and more as the publishers realize they have almost missed the boat, where as great thinking, progressive agencies like Amazon or Apple have reaped the rewards already. Why simply read a book, magazine or newspaper, when you can now EXPERIENCE it completely.

Computers became a standard tool in every household a while back, but now, coupled with new and improved mobile technology, computers are going hand held, lighter, more accessible to all people, and truly dynamic. There will shortly be no reason for static work stations. Employees will have freedom to move about and work anywhere. They can even take their computers to meetings directly. Where the laptop failed somewhat because of its heaviness, battery controlled time ability, and heat, lighter mobile tablets are becoming the future of mobile computers with flash based memories eliminating the need for obsolete hard drives at all.

And finally, the day of the App and the Cloud have arrived. No longer a need to purchase software on a CD had basically eliminated the need for the CD at all. You can now get lots of good software from the Cloud as a living, breathing App. And its cheaper.

Yes, Virginia, Technology is impacting the economy in a big way. It was thought, only a short time ago, that the real estate market was holding our economy from the brink of absolute destruction. But I wager to say, that indeed while Real Estate continues to crumble inwards on the banks that raped its life cycle, technology will be shown to be the gold backing our dollar. If we do not invest in technology and push for newer, valid innovations then we will be passed by our “world rivals”. Invest heavily in technology in schools, at work, and at home. Drop your Beta or VHS recording, no matter how much you loved it, and begin to see the new world that is here right now.

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We all saw the viral video of the woman walking in a mall, while testing, only to trip and fall into the mall’s fountain. The video was releases by the mall security guards and quickly spread virally. Obviously the security guard responsible was fired. And the moral of the story was “Don’t text and walk!”

But texting is now starting to replace hand writing (cursive) in school! Some schools are dropping cursive from the curriculum only to replace it with computer skills. Amazing but true!

The future holds more texting while walking accidents!

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Image of a person at the beach during sunset.If only every day in our life could be exciting, wonderful, filled with positive experiences, and just overall great! Sadly, we all have that day where it starts hard to get out of bed and then by afternoon we wonder why we even bothered getting out of bed at all!

There is a saying in tennis, that you never learn from your victories, but only learn from your losses. The same is true in life, we only learn and evolve from our down days and our bad days. Those deep days of dispair and sadness or the cranky feeling that you want to smack everyone you come in contact with, are actually the days we are evolving the most. Because after all, you really didn’t smack those people did you?

Can we make our down days less down? Can we make good from bad? Yes, of course. We need to regroup ourselves. We need to focus our energy on something more positive and more “feel good”.

To get out of that cycle of bad day feelings, we need to focus our energy on a positive thought. A light and happy memory from our past. The feeling we had when we received good news. The happiness that life brought us at some time in the past.

For me, when I am having my down days, I try to remember my mom. I try to hear her laugh and see her giggling face. I try to hear her counselling voice telling me what to do to get out of my problematic stage. I think about waking up as a child to the smell of freshly brewing coffee in the kitchen and my mom ironing my father’s shirts for work. I remember the early morning sun coming in the kitchen window while my mom quickly made everyone breakfast so that we would do our best at school and start the day out right. I fondly remember my mom laughing as she snared us with April Fool’s jokes right when our sleepy heads were freshly out of bed and not quite awake to her wit and wiles.

For me, those memories of my mom are my fondest memories of my life. If I never feel those things again I realize then how lucky I was to have felt them once in my life. Some people never get to feel those things. How lucky we are to be ourselves and to feel the gratitude for all of those experiences that make us who we become in the end. Memories are not physical things, just like life is really not a physical thing. Life and memories are a state of mind. Something that our soul carries with us always and treasues forever and ever, like the warm smell of pancakes cooked by mom on a sunny school morning so long ago.

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Image of a lovely pink, white and yellow Orchid.Good energy attracts good energy and bad energy attracts bad energy. Its the law of attraction and everyone must abide by it. The universe ever revolves based on it.

So why is it then that somedays we just want to think darkly and negatively? What makes us want to think we are having a bad day and thus ensuring that we do indeed have a bad day? We think therefore we are!

Today, try something different. Today try to exude politeness, niceness, kindness, warmth and overall good energy to everyone around you. If that seems like just too much, then just try it with one person. Hopefully someone you don’t know very well or that you have little contact with at all. That good energy that you create will go around the world, multiplying itself 100 times more and come back to you at a later time. And maybe it will come back to you when you really need it as something that you really need at that time!

We are all creative beings and the energy that we give off in a single day is one of our most powerful creations. So create the good energy. Create the white, healing light that we so need in our own daily lives. Don’t even give dark thoughts a moment in your mind.  Heal our own lives by changing the way we think about ourselves and others and creating good energy. We are investing in our own future and helping others at the same time by doing this.

1. I am grateful for everything I have in my life and for everything I am going to receive.

2. I feel the love and abundance around me and flowing into and from me today.

3. Today is the best day of my life. I am so happy to be alive.

Blessed be!

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Capitalism could have run its course. Our country was based on the liberation of the classes. It was based on the thought that anyone could move from poverty to riches with hard work, drive and clear goals. Capitalism helped spur the industrial revolution, the revolution, the rise of the web, the Silicon Valley, the individual as important to the whole, and the final collapse of our economy.

Now Capitalism stagnates. The wealthy are far wealthier and the poor are far poorer and that great divide has grown like a giant chasm on the face of our country. We are becoming a two class society. The separation seems to be based on technology and the desire to learn and change. Those that refuse to acknowledge change in electronic form will be left behind. Those that embrace it will speed ahead to greater heights. And the Middle Class is left in the middle to decide for themselves.

And yes, Viriginia, the Middle Class will need to decide and decide quickly. Either jump on the band wagon of electronic media or be left in the dust of musty rotten paper. It will be  a decision to weigh on the future lives of any projected children as well. The expanse of the classes grows and the American Middle Class is fading and being absorbed in either of two directions.

Sending your child to college is not going to cut it either. Universities and Colleges everywhere are starting to lose their credibility. When basketball players can graduate from the finest school with no concept of the English language then you know trouble is brewing. When graduates take off their cap and gowns and move into the real world with no real experience as a functioning self-starter, life is about to get harder for those same institutions and the individuals they spew forth.  When professional athletes can make more money than the best of teachers our society hangs on the edge of a deep abyss.

Capitalism has run its course. A new direction is forthcoming.

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