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Many of you who know me, realize that I have entered one of the toughest depressions of my life. In October I ended a very unhealthy, poisonous relationship with my partner and began a new chapter of my life. One alone.

The holidays were tough to get through. But I made them. The loneliness was unbearable, but I live with it daily. And with the loneliness has come a new freedom and a new desire to find myself again. Don’t we ever get too old to find ourselves? It seems like every so many years, we all go through a self revitalization once again. I thought I knew who I was at this point in my life, but I am finding that I have no idea who I am, what I like, and where I am going. That is a scary feeling.

Image of PyewackittOne of my solutions to help with my depression and my fear of coming home to an empty house was to get a pet. In December, the SPCA ran a special to adopt any pet at 70% off the costs. I figured the fates were telling me that this was the time to do just that. I needed a friend who would give me unconditional love and be there for me when I got home. I lost all faith in humans after the most painful and gutter ugly break up of my life. I went with two friends to the SPCA and a cat chose me. A wonderful seal point Siamese named “Pyewackitt” after the witches familiar in “Bell, Book and Candle”. Its a great movie with Jimmy Stewert, Kim Novak, Jack Lemon and a host of other notable actors and actresses. If you have not seen it, I recommend it highly. If not just for the vision of Kim Novak and her beautiful face and wonderfully styled costumes. Anyway, Pyewackitt looks just like the cat familiar in the movies, so it was an easy name choice.

A pet brings a love and fullness to your life that is hard to come by with other people. They depend on you. They look forward to seeing you always. They entertain you. And they sense when you are feeling low or not so chipper. And Pye is no exception to that. Very often he lays on my chest and licks the tears off my eyes, or just presses his mouth up against mine and purrs. A native American friend of mine said that cats have the ability to suck the darkness from our souls. That is why they purr and put their faces in our face. They are the animal healer. And truth to be told, Pye has made me feel a whole lot better. I enjoy coming home to him now. I look forward to waking up a little more each day. And I love watching Pye grow and bond more and more to me. He was the best investment I have ever made in my health.

Simply Clean auto litter boxLastly for today’s post I wanted to review a automatic litter box that I bought for Pyewackitt. Its called Simply Clean and its a complete waste of time and money. The basis of the litter box is that the kitty does their business in this round box that is slowly turning. The waste gets taken up a conveyer belt and deposited in a receptacle ready for disposal. No fuss, no muss. Right? WRONG. First thing is first, automatic litter boxes are expensive! This thing cost almost $90 and it was the cheaper of my choices. Its made of solid plastic and is based on an interesting idea, but not worth $90. Actually its not even really worth $20. The thing is noisy. The thing is very smelly and seems to attract odors way more than a standard littler box. And the conveyer belt gets jammed sometimes which means you have to mess with it to get it to work again. I would caution anyone to avoid this thing. Save your money for a good clumping litter and just use the normal litter boxes that depend on manual cleaning.


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Netflix was one of those rare companies that provided a valuable service at a low cost to thousands of people. Streaming video coupled with DVD by mail in an instantaneous manner contributed to an instant success. Stock soared. Word of mouth spread. Subscribers signed on to the Netflix service. Even as the world economy plummeted to all time lows all around, Netflix was still raking in profits and looking like a guaranteed succes in the manner of Apple.

Then Netflix’s CEO made a huge error. An error in judgement based on his own pride and greed. He increased the subscription fees and reduced the services rendered. Huge mistake!

The old adage “Don’t fix something that ain’t broke” applys to this Netflix folly. In an economy that prides itself on instability, frugality and the demise of the modern day company, Netflix had committed a huge blunder. But what made it worse is that later, after they started feeling their boat lighten as thousands of subscribers jumped ship to find better options, the power hungry Netflix CEO sent out a mass email stating that he felt the change was “good” for the company and was the “right direction” for Netflix. Wow. Sad. And he got to be CEO how?

Not only did Netflix make a huge mistake initially by increasing their customers costs and reducing their services but then they waited a really long time to send out a silly “half apology” that let everyone know that they were going to stick to their guns and that the customer was not always right. In fact, Netflix said “the customer is blatently WRONG”. Netflix disrespected their customer base.

Now Netflix is paying a deep price and is officially in serious trouble. Their stock has plummeted to ridiculous lows as their customers are continuing to jump ship. While the previous jumpers have already found ulterior methods of getting video services either streaming or by mail. Unfortunately for Netflix, even if they chose to redact their previous statements and positions, the damage has been done and the competition has stolen their customer base. Their job would be much harder to win back their evacuated loyalists.

And we wonder why corporate America is failing? With CEO’s like Netflix’s own, who needs enemies?


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Image of gas pumps.Americans across the country are standing at gas pumps everywhere in disbelief, as they read the price of gas on the pump. Gas prices continue to rise in a steady climb that seems to be linked to revolution in the middle east. But is it really? Doubtful. More likely, this is the typical greed by money hungry corporations looking for a way to cash in, even at the expense of whole economic systems. After all, wasn’t it the Bush regime that began planting the seeds of discord in the middle eastern Islamic countries? Well, now there plot is coming to fruition. Obviously in the best interest of big oil business, and not many others.

Our economy has stumbled and fallen. People do not go to the movies as much. They don’t go shopping as much. They don’t spend as much money on entertainment as much. They don’t spend as much on clothing as much. They don’t spend as much on recreation as much. The signs of economic “depression” are all around us and they do not appear to be healing at all, contrary to the propaganda rampant around us.

Will the climbing price of gas affect our economic health? Of course it will. Americans are already guarding their purse strings tighter than ever. Now transportation costs are reaching an impactive high that means families and individuals will need to cut back on other spending fronts. In an economy that is already stark, this does not bode well for the long term consequences of our country.

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Image of Youtube logoThe world has changed. Books have gone electronic and more and more reading materials are being provided in the form of pdf, epub or proprietary alternatives. If your created work of great literature is not electronic right now, or you are not in the process of converting to ebook, then you are missing the boat and will have to wait until the next one comes along!

But there is another strong alternative to the written word. Its Youtube and its very, very powerful.  Many people are finding that there is basically nothing that they cannot watch and learn on Youtube. Some people use Youtube to watch music videos. Others to hear about celebrity gossip. Others to see dumb animal tricks or the cutesy videos of children doing cutesy things.

There is now a growing population of people who use Youtube to LEARN. That’s right, LEARN! You can learn how to garden. You can learn how to build a fence. You can learn about the newest software. You can learn how to play a musical instrument. You can learn to speak another language. You can learn about all kinds of new technologies. You can learn how to use very specific types of software applications. You can hear reviews of new Apps for your new mobile devices. Almost every topic you can think of now has at least one video demonstrated on Youtube, and more likely, there are hundreds. There are even book videos that read to YOU!

Youtube is now a valid alternative to reading any manual. Youtube is now a valid alternative to taking a class. As a matter of fact, you are now able to have subject materials presented to you by some of the greatest experts on that particular subject in the world! Amazing!

Now, when I need an exotic recipe for a dinner, its far easier for me to log into Youtube and search for the hundreds of versions of that recipe and watch, step by step, production and final presentation than it is to crack open that old cooking book or even search for a recipe in an ebook or even search for a recipe on the entire internet. Most times, internet searches are going to point me back to Youtube anyway!

Youtube is a marvel. It has lots of feeble rivals. None compare. Tech experts know a good thing when they see it! No big DUH about that! Youtube is an established video encyclopedia of endless information streamed from every corner of the planet! It is a power house of electronic majesty and perfection. It is a valid source of Accessible information. It allows, video, audio, mono-lingual materials and subtitles to reach all kinds of people, many who might have very specific needs. Youtube crosses the boundaries that separate humans from each other. It draws us together and makes us realize that we are all one type of animal, no matter how messed up we may all look!

Youtube is the People’s Voice of the World in video format. No big production needed. As a matter of fact, the more polished your video looks on Youtube, the LESS likely anyone is going to watch it. For then it appears like a giant, cheap rendition of a television commercial. And we all know how to hit FAST FORWARD!

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Image of Mobile PhonesIt seems like everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. They are everywhere. Including many places where they should NOT be found. Here I list some of the annoying places we find mobile phones and their obnoxious owners voices dictating very private details of their own life to the listener on the other end and the rest of the entire world present:

Driving – Its against the law, but almost every other car is being driven by a person talking on a mobile phone. Just plain dangerous and stupid looking now!

Supermarkets – Walking while on the phone and at the same time shopping is amusing and annoying to the people around you. We hear every detail of WHO slept with WHO in your life and how shocked you are that they have not been caught yet.

Public Bathrooms – You go to the public bathroom and hear a voice coming from the other stall. Talking business while doing your business? Will you close that deal faster when the listener hears the toilet flush?

Movie Theatre – This is just too rude to describe. People paid good money to see this movie not to hear how well your children are doing at school. I am pretty sure that the call you are on is NOT an emergency!

Walking in the Mall – Haven’t you learned that you should not text and talk while walking in malls? Sit down like a normal person and have a real conversation rather than walking blindly down the middle of the mall, distractedly, aiming your foot steps into the mall’s fountain. You deserve to be a viral video on Youtube with your stupidity!

In a Restaurant – The people around you, not to mention the people sitting at your own table, really want to enjoy the over priced meal they are paying for. They do not want to hear the ugly facts of your life spilled like so much wasted oxygen out onto the cooling food!

Browsing a Bookstore – Use your phone to look up the book you are seeking, not to walk around the store showing everyone your ignorance while spewing obscenities at your ex on the phone. You are just showing everyone that there is something seriously WRONG with you.

And finally, if you see anyone quietly sitting in a park, reading the book and enjoying nature and the sunshine. Don’t sit next to them with your phone and start blabbing in your rancid ghetto-cool lingo. They are sitting ALONE for a reason dummy, and its not to HEAR YOU!

Our next Mobile Phone laws should perhaps include, noise pollution and disturbing the peace. Or how about swearing in public?


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Image of music notes.I don’t consider myself a very music savvy person. I never learned to play a musical instrument in school. Though my family always had a piano or organ, while I was growing up, I never took too much effort in learning to play it. The rest of my family was pretty music savvy and almost all of them learned to master a musical instrument. I just stuck with my tennis racquet, comic books, and art.

But now later in life, there is strong evidence that learning a musical instrument helps soothe the savage soul. Lowers your blood pressure. Improves concentration. Focuses positive energy. Fights back the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. And many other great pluses to an individual.

So for the winter holiday, I got a digital piano, the Yamaha DGX 640 and started to learn to play.

Wow! Now, all I want to do is play piano. I am taking the “Piano for All” course, and it has changed the way I see and hear music forever. I recommend both the Yamaha DGX 640 keyboard as well as the Piano for All program. Both can be purchased online.

I have noticed since learning to play piano that I do stay in a more melodic calm mood, even when there is stress around me. I love the moments that I can share with my piano and the melody that I can create is amazing, considering that I have only been practicing piano for about two months now. This new hobby should be encouraged in everyone. We all need to have that creative, music making energy coming out of us each and every day.


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This has been a tough year, 2010. Its almost over, but not quite. I look back on this last year and see all of the trials, tests, walls, losses, tears, near misses, hardships, changes, and I am amazed that I have survived so far. And I know that others have had an even tougher time of it this last year. Many have lost people dear to them. Many have went from successful lives to lives living on the street. And most would agee, it was a tough year 2010.

But after I think of all the tough times, people lost, hardships and everything else, I am quiet. And I try to sit still and listen to life around me. Life plays music for us. The music of life is constant and evolving and immortal. It lasts for a long time like the sustained single note of a fine piano key. It rings out around us true and ever present to the moment. It has the essence of life behind it, written on the sheet music that first created the universe. Usually we can’t hear it at all. We are so busy in our heads and hearts, overwhelmed by the sound of our own inner voices, that we can’t hear that ringing melodic sound as it resonates outward. And when we finally do take a moment to be quiet and listen, we hear it and we remember.

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