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Newt is still in the race. What is wrong with him? Does he not get it yet?

Have you ever filled up a balloon with air and instead of tying it off, let the balloon fly free – whiz zing all over the room until it finally runs out of air and flops to the floor? That is Newt’s method of operation. Sadly he is actually destroying his own parties chance of success for truly he would be the only choice that even has a slim chance of beating Obama. Their ignorant loss is our gain.

It is actually kind of fun watching the gaseous verbiage spew from his chubby maw!

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Rush opened his big trap again and spews more poison! Rush is certainly mush, and nothing out of his void-like trap can be considered serious commentary. We have to learn not to give this double chip and dip, flabby potato head the hype heis seeking by repeating his filth!

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Image of Donald Trump and his REALLY bad hair.We are in the middle of some really scary times. Our economy is falling to pieces, just like the song. Our Real Estate market is tanking. There is serious unrest in the middle east, is there ever peace there? The Tea Party seems to be a popular party for weapon carrying, angry militia. There is open discrimination against certain groups of people and marriage, and its funded primarily by the Mormons. Mormons are just scary anyway. The price of our groceries is skyrocketing. The price of gasoline is skyrocketing. Elizabeth Taylor has passed away. Jersey Shores is still popular. American Idol is fading into the netherworlds. Baggy pants dropping to show underwear is still a mildly valid fashion. Sarah Palin still can speak. Charlie Sheen has his own stage performance, and people are paying to see it. States can’t balance their budgets. There is a potential Federal government shutdown looming this Friday.

And finally, Donald Trump is running for president of the United States.





How can the man with more money than God and the pusher of the golden corporate way not have received the inter-office memo about hair? How can he not know what a makeover is? Does he not know that a smile doubles your value?

And you thought we have problems now….

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Image of American Idol judges including Jennifer LopezWe get it now! American Idol has become the “Jennifer Lopez Hour”, or two. The whole show now seems to belong to Jennifer and acts as an advertisement for Jennifer products, Jennifer music, Jennifer everything.

Americans athletes and American stars share one horrific common trait. Most of them don’t know when to retire and go play in their money. Instead they hang on and hang on and hang on some more. Or worse they try come back, that fails. Then come back again. That fails. Then finally come back once more. That usually fails too. By that time we are normally so sick of them that we won’t watch anymore.

Take for example, Madonna. Very good when younger and rebellious. Each album was good, but shortened the life of the star just that little bit more. Now of course, Madonna’s music videos are like a joke, as we watch granny dance around in tights. ummmm YUCK!

We also have the likes of Elizabeth Taylored, Paris Hit-Me-Hilton, Newt Salamander the Republican, Sarah Pain-in The A$$, Charlie Sheen-Wreck, Lindsay Lone-Hand, Bjorn Boring, and countless more come back stories. Its too early in the morning to remember them all.

It all makes sense now that Jennifer Lopez is following the same fate as Madonna et al. A negotiated American Idol contract probably holds serious clauses that make that show bow to countless hours of PR tricks and schemes to keep this fading singer/actress afloat in stardom.

Not saying that we don’t love Jennifer. We love Madonna too. We loved Charlie Sheen too! We love Lindsay. Ok, maybe we don’t love Newt. The ratings tell a popularity story. But the masses also love to stare at car wrecks on the freeway, or Sheen-wrecks on video! And we all know how popular Sheen-wrecks are right now! Just because its popular, doesn’t mean its right. Didn’t you guys watch “Mean Girls“? HELLO! Its only the bible of popularity.

Please Jennifer, don’t become a Sheen-Wreck! *And please Jennifer, ditch the prostitute red lipstick!

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Image of NPR LogoNPR depends on individual donations to function, but it is also very heavily dependent on Federal funding to survive. Due to this last financial obligation, NPR as an agency must uphold Federal guidelines for presentation, content, accessibility, and diversity. Its part of the price for getting funding. “To get our money, you must obey our rules” kind of thing.

Sadly, when an agency has a significantly liberal or significantly conservative view point and depends on Federal money, they become a target for the opposition. The opposition always figures that they can hurt their rival by cutting the purse strings. Its the whole idea of Machiavelli‘s “The Prince”. Ways to defeat your enemy.

NPR tends to have a liberal biased attitude in their programming. Kind of like Fox has a conservative biased attitude. Its a normal kind of thing. No network is truly un-proclaimed nowadays, because they are all governed by a board of directors or some other leadership, that actually is composed of individuals with their own agendas.

So, NPR became a target for a hunter-seeker conservative group that sends undercover operatives into an agency’s body to discover wrong doing. NPR’s was exposed over lunch. Comments were solicited from NPR upper management such as:

The Tea Party is racist. Seriously racist.”

“The Republican party is driven by a Christian militia, well not really Christian, but more Evangelical extremist.”

Comments like those, paraphrased. The only problem with making a big thing out of this, is the fact that though this was at a business meeting, it was an unofficial business meeting, and the opposition disguised themselves as a Muslim group that was offering millions of dollars in funding. The smart business person is going to pander to the potential money carrying group. No duh! This was a luncheon discussion with a potential investor who would have very specific ideas.

So two facts raise their red, white and blue heads above the others, now that the NPR CEO has stepped down out of embarrassment and shame:

  1. Was it wrong to make the comments made over lunch to gain funding?
  2. Are the comments false?

The answer to both, is no. The rules of business in America depend on pandering to the dollar. Its the Capitalist way! Businesses will do what they do, regardless of ramifications, to gain funds. Every single business does it in one way or another. So no surprise that it happened here, whether in good taste or not, and whether the Feds should cut funding or not. Thats the way it happens, and thats the way it happened here.

Now, are the statements false? Of course not! Everyone knows that the Republican party has become a radical Jihadist Christian movement. The Republicans stand and fall on the wood from the cross of Christ. No big lie there. Its just fact, whether you want to believe it or not. And Tea Party members portrayed as racists? Ummm, big duh there too right?! The Tea Party would like America to be white, and only white. That’s their main agenda, no matter how they try to hide it. Its out there for all of us to see and hear. They butter it up by pretending to be inclusive and diversity filled, but who really believes that? Perhaps Log Cabin Republicans? (Only because they are so desperate to fit in that they sacrifice their own ethics in order to belong.)

The American culture claims to be a society based on Freedom of Speech. Certainly, the Newt can say what he wants with very little ramifications. But I guess, newts do that as they scurry under rocks. Churches have freedom of speech, enough to disrupt an individuals funeral and cause stress to the grieving family.

How about we all take comments with a grain of salt, jot down who we don’t like based on their comments, and move on?

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Image of a stone stairwayIts no big secret that the average staunch, right-wing, banner carrying Republican seems a little up-tight. Most of them exhibit all of the signs of a sex deprived, love deprived life. All they think about is money and taxes after all!

If you don’t believe me, just sit down and talk to one for awhile. I am sure you will change your mind. After speaking with several very right thinking Republicans, I have noticed that they very often bring the subject of sex, rejection, sin, hell, punishment and damnation up. They think of sex as evil and vile. It is a sin, whether its between a man and a woman who are not married or even more so if it is between two parties of the same sex. Its all a sin.

Last year I even had the “semi-pleasurable” experience of speaking to a “gay Republican”. I know, yes, there are such things! They are rare and hidden among all of the burning crosses and white sheets, but they are there none the less. Scary but true! Where is Ripley’s when you need them?

Anyway, this same pinkish colored Republican, we will call him “Phil”, just for the fun of it, proclaimed that Sarah Palin was brilliant and a wonderful candidate for president. He also said that he thought that our ex-president Bush Jr was very intelligent and fearless leader. I had to consume a full glass of wine just to be make sure that I heard him right.

Phil is the perfect example of a Republican who has not had enough sex. He is up-tight, angry, believes that sex is a sin, yet craves the acceptance of everyone around him. Hell, Phil, even your own party don’t like you! I certainly am not going to like you either. As a matter of fact, I don’t think you even like yourself! Hence the whole red tint to your skin!

How could anyone let their hair down in the bedroom and venture to have a good time with the very clear idea in their head that they would be punished for the act if they did not beget a child??? Amazing but true! Self loathing. Self hatred. Internal Anger. All of these things add up to a very pent up person with a chip on their shoulder and a metal cage around their loins!

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The recent news of the Delaware election upset should ring in our ears like the sound of nails scratching their way down a blackboard.

Image of Tea Party victor Christine O'DonnellTea Party backed Christine O’Donnell, self proclaimed innocent to the world of politics, with no real experience behind her has pulled off quite the upset by knocking off the Republican veteran Mike Castle in Delaware.  Kind of strange times we live in right? The Republican party is undergoing the Palin change. Throw the tea in the bay, grab your rifles and head out to the red states for some real upsetting results.

As a middle of the road voter, the Tea Party upsets don’t really bother me. As a matter of fact, I was like “Christine O’Donnell? Who is that? Is she related to Rosie?” So it really is not much of an impact on many people’s lives here on the west coast and I seriously doubt there will be much change in Delaware either.

But what is upsetting is … THAT VOICE! In each televised news interview I have seen, the Tea Party’s O’Donnell  horrified me  with her inability to stop talking. Even when asked quesions, which she never really answers, she does not let the interviewer speak. She seems to have the innate ability to speak without oxygen. She just spouts out constant words. I don’t think her mouth stops moving for a minute. Perhaps she hit the crack pipe in celebration? Can someone tell her that it is ok to not talk for a while and just listen? Can she hear the questions in her head or are the other voices that she hears in there bogging her senses down? I have never seen a straight woman be able to open her mouth that wide in my whole life!

The sound quality of the planet is now in jeopardy. Our ears are in danger of damage from screeching Palinese speaking O’Donnell. I am going to have to wear my iPod headphones more often in the future I think.

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