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Cover image for Linchpin by Seth Godin

Cover image for Linchpin by Seth Godin

“Do your job. Show up. Work hard. Listen to the boss. Stick it out. Be part of the system. You’ll be rewarded.
That’s the scam. Strong words, but true. You’ve been scammed. You traded years of your life to be part of a giant con in which you are most definitely not the winner.
If you’ve been playing that game, it’s no wonder you’re frustrated. That game is over.
There are no longer any great jobs where someone else tells you precisely what to do.”

Seth Godin – Linchpin

The world has been changing from a left-brained, number crunching, factory worker mentality to a new right-brained, artistic, think outside the box, innovative one. Seth Godin lays out his plan of action to re-find yourself and mold yourself as the marketable right-brained person that is needed to swing our world’s economy back around. I just started reading his book, “Linchpin” and can only say that I agree with him 110% so far. He has his finger on the pulse in this book and its nice to see it written out in English before my eyes. This book should be absolutely mandatory for all corporate/agency decision makers. It will help you save your business and help your employees become more productive, happier, and more of an asset to your company.

We need to celebrate the end of the factory worker mindset. We need to place greater pride and value on the creatives in our culture. That time is now. We see it all around us with the advent of the tech startup in full swing again and thinking constantly outside the box to achieve rewards. If done right, this will herald the coming of a golden age. Perhaps the Aztec doom day calendar is actually summarizing Seth’s opinions hundreds of years before him?

A Whole New Mind cover by Daniel Pink

A Whole New Mind cover by Daniel Pink

In like mind, Daniel Pink’s marvelous book “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” sets out the change in our society clearly and precisely. I gobbled this book up so fast, and craved more. The resource sections in this book are worth the price tag alone! A small, easy to read book, Daniel’s philosophy is that we must balance out the left and right brain and realize that the previous era of mathematical, non-emotion is going away, and a new breed of valued employee is emerging from the mist, one that can do almost anything, with little schooling needed, and a fearless inner strength to battle against the mass idiot making machines of the corrupted and disqualified American school systems.


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Image of Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, saying "true friends are hard to come by"True friends are very hard to come by. And often they are hard to keep in your life. People go through your life so rapidly sometimes, that looking back on former years, there are many face that we can no longer attach with names.

There are all kinds of friends in our life through the entire range of our life. Some are quick moving and not really close at all, some friends just love drama and appear in your life when the drama level has reached the red critical level, some are attracted to calamity and disaster and are only around when something really dire has happened to them or to you, some are attracted to money – so when you are a profitable person your friend is by your side but if you are in the down and out, your friend is busy with other things.

True friends are there through thick and thin. They sometimes manage to continue with their own life, but when you need them they will make time for you. Thats what friendship is really all about. Our own private support system to help us make it through the journey of life.

True friends don’t judge you for actions you have committed, no matter how messed up your actions were. They are just there to counsel you that you should never do that action again and help pick up the pieces of your life after it all came crashing down.

True friends mimic that inner voice of yours that tells you that you are acting like a fool and not seeing the forests for the trees. They advise you on facts that in the back of your mind, you already know are true.

True friends don’t always have to be around everyday to be true friends. Sometimes you may go a day, a week, a month, a year, or several years without hearing from them or even seeing them. Then when you need them, they are there. And it never seems like they have been away for too long at those times, because your friendship is as real as it was when you saw them everyday.

The important thing to remember is that true friends are your friends for life. And YOU yourself are a true friend to someone else. And maybe they need you help or advice right now. So how about you go call or visit them and see if everything is ok or if they need any help from you. I know they will appreciate your touch mentally. I know that it will make them feel better. And I know that it will make you feel better.

To all my friends, I love you so much. I want the best for you. I expect the best from your capabilities. I know you can achieve anything that you want to achieve. Even if you don’t hear from me for a long time, realize simply that I love you and carry with you in my heart every single day of my life. I appreciate you. To quote a famous song:

“If I could make a day to give to you

I would give you a morning, golden and new.

I would make this day last for all time,

And fill the nights full of moonshine.”

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Image of an Ikebana flower arrangement in stained glass.Each day of our life our mind steers its focus on a billion different things. Past experiences, future desires, current problems, a barking dog, the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, hunger, traffic, politics, what we are going to do after work, and countless others thoughts come into and out of our minds. Some last for a flickering mili-second, others haunt us all day. And what we focus on the most is what drives the flavor for the rest of our day and potentially the rest of our lives.

Scientists can now measure thought. And they know that the weight of a postiive, happy thought far outweighs the negative, bad thought. Our whole day may be ruined because we dwell on a dark and negative feeling or thought. Or our day can be the best day of our life, if we focus on the brightest memory or warmest emotion.

But many times we don’t even realize that we are thinking about a negative thing. We just do it naturally. Instead of thinking about how life is wonderful and how you have all of the things you ever set out to get, we think about what we don’t have or about how hard life is and how stressful our lives our.

Try this excercise: Be aware of your thoughts through a normal day. Notice the ebb and flow of your thoughts. How sometimes you think about a past pain and sometimes you think about a future desire. Realize when you are living in the moment. Are you smelling the feint odor of flowers you are walking past right now, or are you recalling a past emotion of hurt and disappointment? Whenever you catch yourself thinking about something negative or something that is not real and in the moment right now, re-focus your mind on a pleasant thought. Think about your favorite painting. See an image of your favorite beach and listen for the rumble of the surf crashing against the shore. Visualize your dream home and try to do an imaginary walk through of that dream home. Ponder what you will do with a million dollars. What would be the first thing you will buy and where will you go to buy it? Remember a funny memory of something silly that you did or your kids did in the past? Make yourself smile. Make yourself laugh. Make yourself feel the bounty that is life and be appreciative of those good feelings.

Do not permit yourself to have a bad day. Force yourself into a place of real gratitude and happiness. It will change the way others see you and the way you see other circumstances in your life.

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