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Funny but it seems like everyone jumped head first into Facebook. Even without realizing what they were jumping into. Kind of like jumping into a pool with no water huh? All kinds of people and agencies joined the Facebook plague: singles, married, cheaters, married seeking divorce, lonely seeking friends, non-profits, only for profits, dog lovers, cat lovers, kid lovers, hobbyists of all types, political and non-political parties, and countless others built their personalized Facebook pages and started collecting friends. The wave build and even the film industry surfed on its rapidly rising wave by creating a feebly bad film about fighting brats and out of control sex addicts. So it must be the future right? It must be here to last right?

It appears that wave has crashed.

Facebook is a single use, badly designed, limited environment. It pandered to the socially indept, sucked the social elite to its clutches, enticed the dollar seekers, connected the unconnected, promised the world and delivered……nothing.

Facebook games have proven themselves to be so limited in game play value that if you have played one Facebook game you have pretty much played ALL of them. Graphics and original ideas coupled with pathetically hurried design had contributed to a giant black hole of gamelessness.

Facebook friends are…. well….not really real friends at all.

Facebook apps are sad. They are single use, limited and one dimensional, take no where apps. Basically, not apps at all. Facebook even dilly dallied on its own real App (cut away to scene from “Pretty Woman” in high dead=end boutique with Julie Roberts famous line: “Big Mistake. HUGE mistake.”)

And the overall Facebook UI is hideously ugly. Not accessible. Not user friendly. Seriously badly designed, apparently by a bunch of drunken, money hungry monkeys. A whole lot of blue in a world of options. Adobe Flash based? Really?

So why is Google trying to get in on the action? Google is trying to release its own Facebook look-a-like called Google+. hmmmm the name is almost as original as the design. Basically Google+ is just a copy and paste, with a few add-on graphical events, of Facebook itself. So Google must know something right? They must see the future right? Well, actually, in case you have not been paying really good attention lately, Google has been playing CATCH-UP for the last few years. Google has not had an original idea of its own since, well, Google. That was a long time ago! So it is not surprising that Google is finally seeing value in Facebook, about 3 years too late. Let me guess….Google has to send its ideas through a voting committee before they get adopted right? And the committee has been reviewing social media for the last 3 years right? ummm, those days of making decisions via committee will get you nothing in a speeding techno world.

Yes, social media was fun. Seen it. Done it. Been there. Myspace, Facebook, Google+, dinosaurs. NEXT!


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