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Image of fingers busy texting.California is waging a war in April against drivers who are distracted. The forces that be are particularly targeting people who are texting while they are driving. Finally!

For one month drivers in California will need to be aware, as the authorities will be out and watching drivers passing by for the tell-tale signs of texting while driving, or other distracted practices, like putting on makeup, drinking coffee, changing your radio station while bent over. Anything that takes your eyes off the road and puts their focus on some other area.

Its about time! People are texting while driving more than ever. I think that Oprah‘s challenge to stop actually encouraged people to text more in rebellion, because shortly after that it seemed like nearly every car you pass on the road was driven by a mad texter.

It is seriously frustrating to drive near or around someone who is texting. They drive either too slow or madly fast. Wizzing through blood orange colored stop lights while madly tapping a keyboard. Or how about the woman putting on eyeliner in the morning commute while driving with her elbows, one eye in the mirror – one eye on the road. That takes skill!

The penalty for texting while driving is not steep enough. $159 for your first offense. COME ON! Thats chump change guys! Here is a perfect opportunity to raise money for a failing economy and perhaps rejuvenate collapsing city structures. How about a first offense penalty of $1000. Aren’t lives worth $1000? After all it only takes one text and a blown stop sign to kill someone. Seems fair to me. Most of the texting I have witnessed around town seems to be coming from well kept, newer vehicles too. So I think the owners can afford a steep charge like $1000. Not to mention madly texting, super sized, gas guzzling SUV drivers. They can totally afford the penalty if the text is THAT important.

Distracted driving costs lives. People are going to do it, because the people doing it are already so self-centered and ignorant that they don’t realize that they are not the only one out on the road in the first place. Perhaps a stiffer penalty to bring them into the real world for a change. And that would actually help in many other ways as well. Maybe they would start being more courteous even? Maybe they would learn to use their turn signal? Maybe they would realize, with nothing else to look at, that their car IS equipped with an ashtray for their own cancer ridden self to use?

On the other hand, yesterday, one man was pulled over in Sacramento for talking on his cell phone. While the officer was issuing the ticket, the man continued his phone conversation because it was “a very important call.” If its that important you really should not be driving anyway? DUH?


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