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Cover image for Linchpin by Seth Godin

Cover image for Linchpin by Seth Godin

“Do your job. Show up. Work hard. Listen to the boss. Stick it out. Be part of the system. You’ll be rewarded.
That’s the scam. Strong words, but true. You’ve been scammed. You traded years of your life to be part of a giant con in which you are most definitely not the winner.
If you’ve been playing that game, it’s no wonder you’re frustrated. That game is over.
There are no longer any great jobs where someone else tells you precisely what to do.”

Seth Godin – Linchpin

The world has been changing from a left-brained, number crunching, factory worker mentality to a new right-brained, artistic, think outside the box, innovative one. Seth Godin lays out his plan of action to re-find yourself and mold yourself as the marketable right-brained person that is needed to swing our world’s economy back around. I just started reading his book, “Linchpin” and can only say that I agree with him 110% so far. He has his finger on the pulse in this book and its nice to see it written out in English before my eyes. This book should be absolutely mandatory for all corporate/agency decision makers. It will help you save your business and help your employees become more productive, happier, and more of an asset to your company.

We need to celebrate the end of the factory worker mindset. We need to place greater pride and value on the creatives in our culture. That time is now. We see it all around us with the advent of the tech startup in full swing again and thinking constantly outside the box to achieve rewards. If done right, this will herald the coming of a golden age. Perhaps the Aztec doom day calendar is actually summarizing Seth’s opinions hundreds of years before him?

A Whole New Mind cover by Daniel Pink

A Whole New Mind cover by Daniel Pink

In like mind, Daniel Pink’s marvelous book “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” sets out the change in our society clearly and precisely. I gobbled this book up so fast, and craved more. The resource sections in this book are worth the price tag alone! A small, easy to read book, Daniel’s philosophy is that we must balance out the left and right brain and realize that the previous era of mathematical, non-emotion is going away, and a new breed of valued employee is emerging from the mist, one that can do almost anything, with little schooling needed, and a fearless inner strength to battle against the mass idiot making machines of the corrupted and disqualified American school systems.


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