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A Modern Work CubicleIn years gone by, a secretary was a secretary, a technician was a technician, administrative support was administrative support. Everyone had a job. One job. If they did it well, they moved up and took on more jobs. People went to school to enter particular professions and make a fine living. Your skills were directly linked to the type of work that you were seeking, and your skills were usually narrow and fine tuned to a specific need. Has this system changed?

Yes, the system of one basic duty per employee has gone bye bye. The failing economy has contributed to employers seeking the employee who can do everything. Its not a bad thing. It actually is the saving grace behind our economic failing. The depressed economy has forced us all to fine tune mutli-skilling. Yes, that’s the new term “multi-skilling” or “multi-skillers”.

Let’s take me for instance. My current job consists of handling multiple budgets (accounting), long term budget projections, materials translations projects (project management), materials printing projects (pre-press),  writing/editing, purchasing, request for proposal processes, page layout, graphic design, web page maintenance, communications, telephone, vendor negotiations, Microsoft Office expert, troubleshooting hardware and software, business analysis, problem solving, accessibility factors, document formatting. technology advancements, HTML coding, CSS coding, presentation, training, diversity planning, grant reporting, database management, meeting planning, and more… And I have to stay on top of all of these and keep growing daily with each one.

Yes, I am a product of the failing American economy. And it has deeply enriched my skill sets. Now when I look at job postings on craigslist.or (or anywhere for that matter) I realize, just like the song from “A Chorus Line” says, “I can do that!”

So next time you hear a fellow employee say, “They want me to do everything. That’s not part of my job description!” in a whiny, complaining, bitter voice, just remind yourself of the opportunity to learn and grow there and how sad that your fellow employee doesn’t get it.


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