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This week, Apple announced its next iPhone. Dubbed iPhone 5. They announced other things too, like IOS6. But what they are failing to address is a revamp of their much antiquated iTunes.

Even when iTunes was new and novel, it was quickly surpassed by other applications who played and organized music a whole lot better. Now iTunes is covered with cobwebs and graphically looks like grand daddy’s derelict record player. Sad. Of course iTunes does a whole lot more than play music nowadays. It organizes and syncs Apps, organizes and syncs movies and tv, organizes and syncs books, and acts as Apple’s threshold cash register online. i dare say, reaping in more dollars than their stores combined.

Apple is currently at the top of its game. It controls the technology market as well as the profitable technology law suit market too! Mess with Apple and you go to court! And normally lose!

History tells us a grim story of being at the top. The story goes “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.” We all know what happened to Jack and his mud smeared, cracked crown. Once at the top, there is only one way to go and that is down, down, down. I seriously hope not. I love Apple products and use them daily in lots of ways. But iTunes is getting on my nerve nowadays. No way to really sort books, seriously???? No way to really sort movies in a user friendly way, seriously???? And don’t even look at its ridiculous App organization methods. It gives me a migraine to even look at it. I hope Apple gets the message and thinks to itself, “hmmmmm maybe a total revamp of iTunes is overdue?” Ya think????

Oh yeah, Apple released an update to iTunes today. Ummmmmm, NOT! Oy Vey! Please someone at Apple, get a CLUE before we all lose.


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Apple has revolutionized so much technology. Smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the norm in modern technological life. Yet in all the glory that has become Apple, we still have the garbage can of applications called iTunes!

People all over the Internet post hundreds of complaints and frustrations with iTunes. The common complaints all stem from the fact that iTunes was originally designed only to manage music, yet now Apple has forced us to use it for multiple critical tasks like: backing up our phone, syncing our books, syncing our calendars, and syncing our address book. That is a lot of important jobs assigned to a very unfriendly, harsh user experience!

Want to see all of your phone numbers, photos or calendars get erased due to a faulty syncing system, then depend on iTunes! This piece of junk software needs to go away really soon. We have all outgrown it’s limits, including Apple itself. If Apple begins to lose the tech wars currently waging they will need to get us away from iTunes once and for all, else we look for greener pastures.

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Zen Bound 2 icon image.There are few games that can create a sense of competitive tension while at the same time helping us to relax in a Zen like way. But Zen Bound 2 succeeds at both.

You can purchase Zen Bound 2 for the iPad, iPhone on iTunes and Mac on the new Mac Store. Generally it is about $4.99 depending on device or any sale prices. This will probably the best 5 bucks you have ever spent on an App. Created in a soothing, innovative way by Secret Exit Ltd.

You can check it out here:

Zen Bound places solid feeling wooden sculptures in a completely rotatable 3D space. A rope, limited in length, is nailed to one part of the wooden sculpture. Your object is to spin the sculpture in space, winding the rope around the sculpture until it is at minimum coverage for minimum points but you can continue to cover the sculpture to maximum coverage for even more points. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the music is very Zen-like calming and beautiful.

This is how most App games should look and feel. Zen Bound takes advantage of the gyro mechanism built into our modern day devices, as well as controlled movements. I am so happy with this addicting game that I wish and pray that the creators will come out with a Zen Bound 3 VERY SOON!

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