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Image of Steve Jobs with Apple logo behind.There are rare people that impact the world. They come and go so quickly sometimes. We wish they stayed awhile longer. But they leave their legacy and move on to a higher plane of existence, or maybe they come back in another life to try and teach us again. Steve Jobs was one of those rare people.

The last day and a half I have walked around like in a dream. We all knew he was struggling with his health, but I think we were all hoping he would win the fight in the end and prove everyone wrong. But instead we are left with broken hearts and a deep hole in our universe. He left so much to us. He gave so much to us. He changed our world forever. He reinvented Apple and desktop computing. He created a world of tablet and mobile computing and communication that has never been before him. He was innovation. He was creation. He was strength. He was a wonderful soul in this world.

Like so many others lamenting this loss, I didn’t know him personally, but for some reason I feel like I lost one of my closest family members or friends. Few leaders have that effect on me. Very few people even do. I do not feel that the world is as great a place minus this miracle maker. How many more innovations would Steve have come up with? How many advancements for people with disabilities to stay even with the rest of the world? How many wonderful venues for artists to show off their wares?

If all leaders could be like Steve, our country and probably our entire world’s economy would be golden and reaping benefits more wonderful than we can imagine.

If all people could be like Steve, there would most likely be no war, no poverty no predjudice.

If all followers could be like Steve, we would have more free thinkers. And we would not be afraid to think for ourselves.

Life is suffering. We battle attachment and try to overcome it in order to overcome suffering. Let’s all learn a lesson from this wonderful soul and strive to be just an iota like Steve.


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The market is up. The market is down. The market is up and again…its down. The signs of a failing economy have been around us for a very long time now. Walk down your neighborhood street and count the number of houses for sale, in foreclosure and for rent. Its staggaring. Not to mention the pathetic numbers of unemployed in the great US of A. Scary things are happening. People continue with their normal day-to-day activities hoping that soon, very soon, the economy will turn around. But the economy is never going to turn around when we have some serious work to do and nobody seems to be paying much attention to the type of work needed. Here is a list of things that need to happen before our economy will rebound to anything close to what is has been in the last century:

  1. Over seas jobs MUST return to the US homeland. (see #2 below)
  2. Corporations bogged down by regulations and frivilous law suits must be set free from their ever restricting restrictions. At least a little. They must be enticed to keep their work force in the US without fear of severe penalties. There is a reason they went over seas for their cheap labor in the first place. We must eliminate that temptation.
  3. Banks must stop getting bailed out, and instead that money needs to be invested into education and the technology front. We have fallen way behind in our education and technology innovation as a whole nation. We are only as smart as our next generation and those are scary thoughts!
  4. We must begin to buy American wherever and whenever we can. And American corporations need to begin to find pride in workmanship so that we are not so scared to buy cheap American product!
  5. Rents must plummet! Landlords based with greedy intentions need to recognize that it is better to have a renter than an empty home. Tax loss limits must be re-reviewed so that they do not encourage greed in landowners.
  6. Banks need to speed up review of failing loans and re-calculate their ideal of debt to wealth ration when setting loan limits.
  7. Credit card companies must be monitored closely. We should not allow them to rape the average American with astronomical interest rates and debt creating penalties.
  8. Companies need to learn to share their wealth with their employees and distribute that wealth equally. This creates a drive for employees to do more and strive harder to achieve a company’s own success.
  9. We should not patronize auto-checkout stands at supermarkets. Why would an employer want to hire 5 clerks when 1 employee can monitor four auto-checkstands?
  10. Government leaders/politicians need to feel the strike of the economy just as bad as the average citizen. Wages need to be cut substantially for representatives nationwide. They have no clue how bad it really is if they can’t feel it while they are vacationing on their yacht paid with your taxes!

There are countless more that we need to all be watching for and we all need to contribute to the health of this country, prior to a revolution, when the base layers rise up and take it back by force. We are nearly there now.

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A Modern Work CubicleIn years gone by, a secretary was a secretary, a technician was a technician, administrative support was administrative support. Everyone had a job. One job. If they did it well, they moved up and took on more jobs. People went to school to enter particular professions and make a fine living. Your skills were directly linked to the type of work that you were seeking, and your skills were usually narrow and fine tuned to a specific need. Has this system changed?

Yes, the system of one basic duty per employee has gone bye bye. The failing economy has contributed to employers seeking the employee who can do everything. Its not a bad thing. It actually is the saving grace behind our economic failing. The depressed economy has forced us all to fine tune mutli-skilling. Yes, that’s the new term “multi-skilling” or “multi-skillers”.

Let’s take me for instance. My current job consists of handling multiple budgets (accounting), long term budget projections, materials translations projects (project management), materials printing projects (pre-press),  writing/editing, purchasing, request for proposal processes, page layout, graphic design, web page maintenance, communications, telephone, vendor negotiations, Microsoft Office expert, troubleshooting hardware and software, business analysis, problem solving, accessibility factors, document formatting. technology advancements, HTML coding, CSS coding, presentation, training, diversity planning, grant reporting, database management, meeting planning, and more… And I have to stay on top of all of these and keep growing daily with each one.

Yes, I am a product of the failing American economy. And it has deeply enriched my skill sets. Now when I look at job postings on craigslist.or (or anywhere for that matter) I realize, just like the song from “A Chorus Line” says, “I can do that!”

So next time you hear a fellow employee say, “They want me to do everything. That’s not part of my job description!” in a whiny, complaining, bitter voice, just remind yourself of the opportunity to learn and grow there and how sad that your fellow employee doesn’t get it.

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Image of the Apple Campus from above.Employers have started realizing some key factors to maintaining a healthy and productive work force. Many of our modern day industry models have been adopted from an Asian theme that the greater whole is more important than the minor single whole. There are several ways that employers can use this eastern philosophy to foster a healthier company.

  • Once an employee leaves the office for lunch or a break, in most cases, they come back far less motivated or productive for the remainder of the day.
  • An employee will not come to work if simple household chores (like laundry or routine shopping) have not been completed, raising the number of sick days or non-productive days used in a single year.
  • If the work place has locations for exercise or entertainment, the employee is more likely to WANT to come to work, and more reasons to stay at work.
  • The more tempted an employee is to come to work and stay at work, the more productive they will be in the long run.

The office campus has several models in the United States. They are growing in popularity, and they are creating thriving economies of their own, as well as a more productive work force driving the company’s success rate. The successful model of an office campus requires the following:

  1. A place for employees to rest and relax, away from the stresses of their job.
  2. A place for employees to shop for food and other household needs, reducing the risk of everyday stress factors.
  3. A place for employees to work out or exercise. A running track, a gym. Exercise creates endorphins which create a better mentality, a healthier worker and more productivity.
  4. A place or service for employees to potentially do their laundry. It seems silly, but simple household chores can hamper the usefulness of an employee.
  5. A place of entertainment or rec-room. Pool tables, ping pong tables, video games, library etc… Resting the mind and removing the mind from the daily work flow instigates creativity and motivation and free thinking energy.

Our economy of old, driven by the mentality that a worker should sit at their desk, take a few allotted breaks plus a lunch is a failed way of thinking. Americans spend more time at the work place than they do at home with their loved ones. They are beginning to lose the momentum that created this nation of people driven by endeavor and capitalist ideals. We need to foster the energy needed to drive our economy, our companies and our nation back to the top once again.

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