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Rush opened his big trap again and spews more poison! Rush is certainly mush, and nothing out of his void-like trap can be considered serious commentary. We have to learn not to give this double chip and dip, flabby potato head the hype heis seeking by repeating his filth!


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Image of a bride and her maids.It has become so easy to get a divorce that perhaps it is a temptation that few can resist. Marriage and commitment used to be for life in my parents day, but now marriage and commitment basically has replaced “until death do we part” with “until I find something that I think is better.” Sad conditions for a society.

So many children are growing up with broken homes, or single parent homes that it is now the “norm”. People who knew the definition of the word monogamy and sometimes their children are left in the ashes and dust of a departing spouse. One must wonder how the victims can put their life together again and move forward in life.

Take subject K, married for many many years to a committed spouse with three daughters to raise and demonstrate the “right” way to be in life. Subject K surprises everyone by going on an unexpected vacation just because she is worn out with everyday life and needs to ‘get away’. Everyone needs to get away sometimes. Its part of human nature. But subject K had additional surprises to unfold as she announced she would not ever be coming back to her husband or daughters. Surprise! She had hooked up with an ex boyfriend on Facebook and had been planning a reunion of sorts in an US island state with tropical flowers all around. I am sure once she arrived there then she realized, “Hey, no responsibility sounds pretty damn good! I think I will stay here. After all, problems don’t exist if you can’t see them! Right?”

Its so tempting to take the easy way out and go with the new. The new does not have any of the baggage of the old, or the tired old responsibilities. Anyway, subject K’s own mother had done the same thing years before to her father. So it was familiar territory and just seemed like a good plan.

Sadly, subject K must learn, there is Karma. And karma comes back three times three. Three times as bad or three times as good. If you cannot commit to one person you really will never be able to commit to anyone in the end. I feel sad for your husband. I feel sad for your children. But more importantly, I feel sad for you.

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