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It's been awhile since I have blogged, as I have been working my way through the tough parts of life. But I feel like the current state of the US economy is pulling me back into action. The common factor on most Americans minds is “what is the trouble with our economy?”

You really don't have to look that far to find some answers:

  1. A current presidential, millionaire candidate that has been outsourcing work to other countries in order that his golden pockets get heavier?
  2. A clothing designer who has US Olympic team uniforms made overseas? Yah, that makes sense!
  3. A city mayor, ex basketball player, who thinks the solution to a city's financial woes is building ANOTHER arena for basketball?
  4. A state governor who thinks the solution to rapidly declining funds is to increase taxes on local business and cut much needed services to the needy?
  5. A population of older parents who think ALL successful kids must graduate college with an unending debt of school loans before they even make money or know how to do anything productive at all?
  6. Education officials that need $200k jobs to do…. What exactly? While the teachers and students struggle.
  7. Checkout lines that are robotically controlled by the patrons themselves, while previous cashiers lose their jobs?
  8. A population of prisoners that continues to increase and grow more dangerous but not be valued by anyone at all?
  9. Allowing religious institutions to play politics, own property, devalue opposing populations and yet pay 0 taxes?
  10. A small percentage of Americans controlling most of the money?
  11. Banks being saved by the government for making crooked decisions?
  12. Athletes who make more money than entrepreneurs?

And the problem with the economy is what again???



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We all see our faltering economy all around us. Businesses going under. People seeking employment in all corners. Credit scores dropping. Real estate values plummeting. We are in serious trouble and it seems to get worse each day.

That is why excellent customer service is more important than ever. Quality customer service is what separates the weak from the srong. Managers everywhere need to be pushing for the complete and valuable employee. They need to instill personal pride and excellent service skills into their staff. They need to teach excellence and value. Especially in the food service industry. It helps all participants in life. It builds character and personal pride.

Italian food is one of my favorites and over the years I have found a few eateries that give you plenty of food for your buck. A valuable commodity in these dark times. One of those places is a chain of Italian restaurants known as “Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi Too”. Known over the years for their family dining experience, customer service has never really been their main trademark. But normally you get adequate service with your food at any of their locations. Up until a few weeks ago!

At a business dinner with several people at their South Bay Area location, we were all given the worse service of all time. It even rates at about the level of a Jamba Juice in the East Bay where the server was more into talking on the phone with her boyfriend versus helping the 16 waiting customers in an impatient line. But these extraordinarily bad server treated us to the worse Italian dining experience EVER! She got our order wrong. Treated us rudely. And then charged us for food we never were served, which we ended up paying for before realizing we never did get it in the end! HORRIBLE!

Well we walked away, and two of us wrote long, detailed letters to management of Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too. Sadly, we received a response which showed us where that waitress had learned her manners. Management at this establishment should be ashamed. The trickle down theory proved right! Never in all my life have a received such a non-remorseful letter from an eatery. How about “the customer is always right?” Did you go to management school of any kind? How about a customer service class? Don’t you know that word of mouth is how places succeed and shut down?

I would ask all readers to avoid Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi Too. Like the plague. Their food is not good enough to encourage a bad attitude in a bad economy. There are greater places that want to actually work for their dime more and where service is encouraged and rewarded.

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