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It's been awhile since I have blogged, as I have been working my way through the tough parts of life. But I feel like the current state of the US economy is pulling me back into action. The common factor on most Americans minds is “what is the trouble with our economy?”

You really don't have to look that far to find some answers:

  1. A current presidential, millionaire candidate that has been outsourcing work to other countries in order that his golden pockets get heavier?
  2. A clothing designer who has US Olympic team uniforms made overseas? Yah, that makes sense!
  3. A city mayor, ex basketball player, who thinks the solution to a city's financial woes is building ANOTHER arena for basketball?
  4. A state governor who thinks the solution to rapidly declining funds is to increase taxes on local business and cut much needed services to the needy?
  5. A population of older parents who think ALL successful kids must graduate college with an unending debt of school loans before they even make money or know how to do anything productive at all?
  6. Education officials that need $200k jobs to do…. What exactly? While the teachers and students struggle.
  7. Checkout lines that are robotically controlled by the patrons themselves, while previous cashiers lose their jobs?
  8. A population of prisoners that continues to increase and grow more dangerous but not be valued by anyone at all?
  9. Allowing religious institutions to play politics, own property, devalue opposing populations and yet pay 0 taxes?
  10. A small percentage of Americans controlling most of the money?
  11. Banks being saved by the government for making crooked decisions?
  12. Athletes who make more money than entrepreneurs?

And the problem with the economy is what again???



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We have budget problems. Serious budget problems. Not only do our individual states have problems balancing a budget, but our entire Federal Government, lead by a contentiously oppositional Congress cannot balance a budget. If a budget plan is not agreed on by midnight tonight, the government will shut down.

What are some of the impacts to a Federal Government Shut Down?

  • Federally supported parks and monuments will be closed.
  • Militairy  will not get paid on time.
  • Tax returns will not come back to the people who get refunds
  • Other multiple services, including FBI programs will be closed.

But the problematic people in Congress, the ones who are failing at their jobs, will get paid and basically have a nice little paid vacation, with very HIGH wages. OUTRAGEOUS!

We should all be up in arms about this. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Each and every person currently serving in Congress needs to be replaced. If they cannot do the job that we pay them to do, why are they allowed to hold that position? IF you were working for a company and your job was to balance that company’s budget, and you failed with the final ramifications that the company shut down should you get to keep your job? NO WAY! You would be fired and have all your belongings packed by security in little brown boxes. Congress should not be paid for doing a bad job, or not doing their job at all. Its ridiculous.

People holding jobs and doing nothing. That is our Congress. Totally unacceptable.

The Tea Party is one of the stumbling blocks in Congress by the way. They relish a Government Shut Down. They are hoping that this shut down will send a signal to Americans. A signal that they are a force to be reckoned with. COME ON! They are a force alright. A force that needs to be flushed!

The Tea Party would like to portray themselves as the most patriotic of the parties. (Heck they are not even a real party anyway. More like faux leather, they are a faux party)

How patriotic is shutting down the government, and not paying your soldiers for their service? Is that the Tea Baggers idea of patriotism? I think they are warped. Perhaps they have watched too many Sarah Palin speeches and her rant has warped their brain? They have lost their way!

Congress its time to do your job and actually pass a budget. Suck up some of the issues you don’t like as individuals and make sure the government continues unobstructed by personal plots. Stick the Tea Baggers in your tea cups and act like true Americans OR expect ramifications in elections.

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Map of CaliforniaSurely, balancing a budget is a tricky thing. It takes number crunching skills, organization, time management, project management, and other technically specific skills. Which is why we elect officials to do it for our state, right?

There is a problem in this country right now. Most of our states are feeling the weight of a heavy economy that has tripped and fallen. Nobody is picking it up either. Its just laying there on its back, with its legs flailing in the air like an overturned turtle stuck in a sand drift.

Yes, the economy has faltered and fallen. But our state officials still have a job. Part of the job is to balance our state’s depleted budget. Each state seems to be coming up with the same sort of solution, CUTS! Cut this, cut that, cut these benefits, cut these salaries.

Hey, guess what? Cuts don’t work. Cuts are NOT good budget balancing measures. If an entity needs a certain amount of money to get by each year, then the budget balancing appointees need to allot that money for those expenses ahead of time. Its not rocket science. And all of the citizens of the state do this budget balancing feet, granted on a smaller scale, in our own lives.

The real challenge for states is “how do we create revenue for the state?” Not, what else can we cut? Instead of cutting money already allotted to specific projects, a better plan is to think about how to increase funds. Again, cuts don’t work. They only bring down an already faltering economy. They only create hardships for the citizens of each state.

Yes, some of our higher paid officials could cut their salaries to help in balancing the budget, with almost no impact to their own over-inflated lifestyles. But that would still only be a trickle in the bucket, not substantial funds.

California has mismanaged its funds for a very long time. Whether democrat or republican leader, it has continued on a course that could only end in one outcome, disaster for the state. We didn’t get into this mess overnight. It took years of CUTS, CUTS and more CUTS.

Cuts do not create funds, they only move already apportioned dollars around. That is not an increase to funds at all. Its a hat trick that helps officials stay in office while actually doing no thinking, no work, no creative compromise, and no planning at all. They are just covering up for being idiots in a place of power. Sadly, that idiocy is going to cost us all heavily in the end.

Our officials should all go to school and be forced to take budget balancing classes. Perhaps they will learn that a budget not properly balanced will eventually erode and their feeble cover-ups will not amount to squat!

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Yesterday, June 24th 2010, the new promised iPhone 4 was released to the general public. It should have been an exciting, happy, energetic, budget busting, economy building leap forward into a brighter future.

But what really happened yesterday? What really happened is that Apple played the Nintendo game and shorted its customers, forcing people into Russian style lines all over the country, waiting for a hyped up phone that perhaps could have some significant problems after its release. Sad and unfortunately, normal for our standardized customer serviceless failing country! This is not the way to succeed, contrary to the rest of the corporate examples that follow this oily path.

Apple, you need to feel shame. Many of us, including me, have abandoned Microsoft hoping for greener pastures under the half eaten Apple logo. So far, we have been jerked around like puppets on a string while we have been raped by greed and simple monopolizing strategies! During our Microsoft years, we never really experienced quite the distastful arrogance that the half eaten fruit company is exhibiting.  When products came out, they may have had technological flaws, but there were usually enough product to go around!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my old iPhone 3G. But I do hate AT&T’s service contract and lack of customer satisfaction agenda. And now I have a bitter Apple flavored taste in my mouth, that has the remote taste of BP oil in it. Our country will never get anywhere with wanton greed and avarice like that shown by Apple yesterday. People were reporting distribution of 5 iPhones to each Walmart, 7 hour long lines at Apple stores, and oh yeah, just forget about Radio Shack! That was simply pathetic!

If you want to achieve a stronger fan following, then treat your existing fans with respect and admiration. Provide what you are selling on the day that you are selling it. Do not short change your customer base. They don’t forget it in the end and it builds serious resentment. And it makes one wonder, what is really going on in those labor camp factories in Asia? For me, Apple hurt its chances as a long term contender in the tech market yesterday, and I will begin to keep my eyes open for greener pastures still, away from this silicon beast!

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