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This week, Apple announced its next iPhone. Dubbed iPhone 5. They announced other things too, like IOS6. But what they are failing to address is a revamp of their much antiquated iTunes.

Even when iTunes was new and novel, it was quickly surpassed by other applications who played and organized music a whole lot better. Now iTunes is covered with cobwebs and graphically looks like grand daddy’s derelict record player. Sad. Of course iTunes does a whole lot more than play music nowadays. It organizes and syncs Apps, organizes and syncs movies and tv, organizes and syncs books, and acts as Apple’s threshold cash register online. i dare say, reaping in more dollars than their stores combined.

Apple is currently at the top of its game. It controls the technology market as well as the profitable technology law suit market too! Mess with Apple and you go to court! And normally lose!

History tells us a grim story of being at the top. The story goes “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.” We all know what happened to Jack and his mud smeared, cracked crown. Once at the top, there is only one way to go and that is down, down, down. I seriously hope not. I love Apple products and use them daily in lots of ways. But iTunes is getting on my nerve nowadays. No way to really sort books, seriously???? No way to really sort movies in a user friendly way, seriously???? And don’t even look at its ridiculous App organization methods. It gives me a migraine to even look at it. I hope Apple gets the message and thinks to itself, “hmmmmm maybe a total revamp of iTunes is overdue?” Ya think????

Oh yeah, Apple released an update to iTunes today. Ummmmmm, NOT! Oy Vey! Please someone at Apple, get a CLUE before we all lose.


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Netflix was one of those rare companies that provided a valuable service at a low cost to thousands of people. Streaming video coupled with DVD by mail in an instantaneous manner contributed to an instant success. Stock soared. Word of mouth spread. Subscribers signed on to the Netflix service. Even as the world economy plummeted to all time lows all around, Netflix was still raking in profits and looking like a guaranteed succes in the manner of Apple.

Then Netflix’s CEO made a huge error. An error in judgement based on his own pride and greed. He increased the subscription fees and reduced the services rendered. Huge mistake!

The old adage “Don’t fix something that ain’t broke” applys to this Netflix folly. In an economy that prides itself on instability, frugality and the demise of the modern day company, Netflix had committed a huge blunder. But what made it worse is that later, after they started feeling their boat lighten as thousands of subscribers jumped ship to find better options, the power hungry Netflix CEO sent out a mass email stating that he felt the change was “good” for the company and was the “right direction” for Netflix. Wow. Sad. And he got to be CEO how?

Not only did Netflix make a huge mistake initially by increasing their customers costs and reducing their services but then they waited a really long time to send out a silly “half apology” that let everyone know that they were going to stick to their guns and that the customer was not always right. In fact, Netflix said “the customer is blatently WRONG”. Netflix disrespected their customer base.

Now Netflix is paying a deep price and is officially in serious trouble. Their stock has plummeted to ridiculous lows as their customers are continuing to jump ship. While the previous jumpers have already found ulterior methods of getting video services either streaming or by mail. Unfortunately for Netflix, even if they chose to redact their previous statements and positions, the damage has been done and the competition has stolen their customer base. Their job would be much harder to win back their evacuated loyalists.

And we wonder why corporate America is failing? With CEO’s like Netflix’s own, who needs enemies?


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Image of Steve Jobs with Apple logo behind.There are rare people that impact the world. They come and go so quickly sometimes. We wish they stayed awhile longer. But they leave their legacy and move on to a higher plane of existence, or maybe they come back in another life to try and teach us again. Steve Jobs was one of those rare people.

The last day and a half I have walked around like in a dream. We all knew he was struggling with his health, but I think we were all hoping he would win the fight in the end and prove everyone wrong. But instead we are left with broken hearts and a deep hole in our universe. He left so much to us. He gave so much to us. He changed our world forever. He reinvented Apple and desktop computing. He created a world of tablet and mobile computing and communication that has never been before him. He was innovation. He was creation. He was strength. He was a wonderful soul in this world.

Like so many others lamenting this loss, I didn’t know him personally, but for some reason I feel like I lost one of my closest family members or friends. Few leaders have that effect on me. Very few people even do. I do not feel that the world is as great a place minus this miracle maker. How many more innovations would Steve have come up with? How many advancements for people with disabilities to stay even with the rest of the world? How many wonderful venues for artists to show off their wares?

If all leaders could be like Steve, our country and probably our entire world’s economy would be golden and reaping benefits more wonderful than we can imagine.

If all people could be like Steve, there would most likely be no war, no poverty no predjudice.

If all followers could be like Steve, we would have more free thinkers. And we would not be afraid to think for ourselves.

Life is suffering. We battle attachment and try to overcome it in order to overcome suffering. Let’s all learn a lesson from this wonderful soul and strive to be just an iota like Steve.

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I took the plunge on Sunday and bought a new 2011 Toyota Prius IV. I received a great deal from Elk Grove Toyota that I just could not pass up. So time to trade in my truck and join the Prius Eco-Hippie crowd!

My new Red Prius Originally I wanted a model III that was gold. But the dealer gave me such a good deal on a red model IV that I was tempted and fell for the red. I have not had a red car since my Mazda Miata, and received no speeding tickets or accidents in that car, so I figured I would put the old wives tales of red cars attracting bad luck on the back burners and going for it.

So after a week of driving and reading and watching videos on how to drive this thing, I can only tell you that I love it! This is the most fun car to drive that I have ever owned. And it seems to be teaching me how to be a better driver and how to be more ecological in my gas usage.

The IV that I got comes pretty well equipped, with great sounds system including 8 speakers with a 4 disc CD changer that is capable of playing MP3s and WMAs, leather seats, front heated seats (like I will need that in Sacramento!), voice activated everything, plus navigation system and a great moonroof! Everything that I originally wanted plus more! For less than my Toyota Tacoma! Plus saving gas, it is pretty much a win win situation for me this round.

So the Prius basically monitors your driving habits and challenges you to get the best MPGs you can get. Its a challenge that makes driving into a game. Fun, fun, fun!

But I couldn’t get my gas mileage above 27 mpgs. No matter what mode I drove in or how I altered my driving habits. That is UNTIL I ran into this wonderful video that teaches a fundamental lesson to all Prius owners: The wonder and intelligence of scientific momentum and pulse driving. If you have a Prius or are thinking of getting a Prius and have not seen this video then I highly recommend it:

After watching the video and practicing a little today I got 75 mpg! Huge improvement with a little practice and knowledge about how the car WANTS to drive. Also, understanding the idea of gliding and coasting. Seriously before this I always thought that you should keep your gas pedal depressed while moving forward all the time. I was clueless! Lesson learned and rewards to be heaped!

Besides driving I think this car was made for the iPhone. Its an Apple type car. It works seamlessly with my iPhone and plays music right from my iPhone with a minimum of fuss. Technology in a car plus gas and money savings!

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Apple has revolutionized so much technology. Smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the norm in modern technological life. Yet in all the glory that has become Apple, we still have the garbage can of applications called iTunes!

People all over the Internet post hundreds of complaints and frustrations with iTunes. The common complaints all stem from the fact that iTunes was originally designed only to manage music, yet now Apple has forced us to use it for multiple critical tasks like: backing up our phone, syncing our books, syncing our calendars, and syncing our address book. That is a lot of important jobs assigned to a very unfriendly, harsh user experience!

Want to see all of your phone numbers, photos or calendars get erased due to a faulty syncing system, then depend on iTunes! This piece of junk software needs to go away really soon. We have all outgrown it’s limits, including Apple itself. If Apple begins to lose the tech wars currently waging they will need to get us away from iTunes once and for all, else we look for greener pastures.

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IMage of NIntendo's LogoIt was not that long ago that Nintendo ruled the video gaming world. They ruled it with good games, top level technology and a non-user friendly strategy that seemed to work. That strategy is “short supply”. People everywhere were lining up at Walmarts, Targets, Toys R’ Us, and other department stores to grab the latest Nintendo creation, like the amazing WII. And there was always only a few units arriving at a time. A few units to each store. A few customers walking away with their desired dreams of purchase achieved.

That shortage of supply strategy worked for Nintendo for a very long time. From its original NES, to its SNES, then its DS, and finally its WII. Then it kind of just stopped. You can get any of their newest systems in most stores without camping out in front of the store overnight to grab it. What happened?

What happened was named Apple. Apple nabbed that same strategy and now commands the control of the video game world, almost overnight. Apps and games are the craze. They are easy to buy, simple to download, and very simple to use and play.

Image of Apple logo.Apple is also demonstrating that it is going to live by the same short supply strategy to drive up interest and desire. If everyone else wants one, then I want one too, its an American past time and a standard that drives our checkbooks to empty.

Have you tried to buy a new iPad 2 lately? Its as tough as finding that elusive needle in a haystack. Even considering that the iPad 2 is being sold at Target, Walmart, Bestbuy, Apple stores, and other retailers. You still cannot find them.

Last night I tested my theory and called 12 Walmarts in my area as well as all the nearest Apple stores. The general consensus was that nobody had them and that they really didn’t know when they were getting any more in stock. But the real joke came when you asked the customer service rep how many they were getting. The most common reply was “one”. One unit for 200 customers? hmmm sounds suspicious to me. Sounds like strategy that has been played on us by other entities wearing a Tickle Me Elmo smile on their face. Some stores even reported that as soon as the few units received arrived they were sold out.

When demand outweighs supply, you have a hot item. The longer you keep that demand high, the greater your success ratio. We not only are getting radiation from Japan, but this age old business strategy model. Frankly, I might prefer the radiation over short supply.


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Image of a white iPad 2.Yesterday was the sales release of the new iPad 2. And thousands of people lined up at Apple stores, Walmarts, Targets, At&t stores, Verizon stores and Best Buy stores to get their hands on this new innovative technology.

This time around, I was not one of those store campers, plopping myself in line for days or hours prior to sales launch. I have faith that I will get one soon, but not in a rush as my original iPad is still wonderful and makes my life fulfilling enough already. Plus I don’t have a tent, and don’t want to hang out with a bunch of hoodlums at the mall for more than 5 minutes.

For those people watching the event unfold on Youtube or the news or someplace else, they are probably wondering: “What the heck is the big deal? Who cares!”

Well, those people have probably never held an Apple product or used one for a period of time. Let me tell you first time, Apple makes magically simple, beautiful, efficient products. Thats why they dominate the market now and this iPad 2 move puts them so firmly in the lead, that I seriously doubt anyone will be able to compete without coming out with something so original and new that it changes the face of technology forever.

Will that be Microsoft? Doubtful. Microsoft has been slowly sliding into the dingy dank musty pits of dead technology each year for a very long time. They lack the innovation, or the creativity that propels companies into the front. Microsoft is one of those tired old companies that have the internal motto “Well…thats how we have always done it. So thats the way we are going to keep doing it.” AKA death to a company! I have worked for companies with that same motto before. When you submit an original idea, and your boss tells you to fill out a form first, submit it for approval and then all you get is fear filled feedback like “We don’t do it like that here. We can’t do that, we never have done anything like that in the past. Oh no, thats not possible here. Let’s see what everyone else here thinks first. etc…”

The famously named Salamander mind. Closed. Content. Resting on its laurels. Non-innovative. Left brained to the utmost degree. A no-where zone ready to go down, not in flames, but in a flush of water. Flames would be too innovative and controversial.

So yes, for those entrepreneurs, that want to learn HOW to do it and do it right… watch Apple. Its rare that we get to see a company at the top of its game, and actively growing. Take notes. Learn. For our society and economy to move forward at all, we need more companies like Apple and less like Microsoft.

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