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Rush opened his big trap again and spews more poison! Rush is certainly mush, and nothing out of his void-like trap can be considered serious commentary. We have to learn not to give this double chip and dip, flabby potato head the hype heis seeking by repeating his filth!


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Broken Heart image stitched upLife comes complete with joy, love, hatred, anger, hurt, envy, lust, and countless other good and bad emotions and events. You cannot avoid them. As a growing, functioning human you should feel all of them at least once in your life. You would not truly be living if you didn’t feel all of them, and sometimes, for us denser than average learners, we must experience each MORE than once.

One of the most difficult of all life’s lessons is the one where you have been sorely wronged and must deal with it in your own way. For some people this means running down to the local hunting shop, purchasing a powerful weapon, some ammo and then proceeding in hunting down the person who wronged us and making sure it doesn’t happen again. To anyone.

Of course, the rest of the population tries to find forgiveness in some other, less violent way. Most people know the word “forgiveness” but most of us mistakenly identify what it really implies. We are soaked with the ideals that forgiveness means to forget and let it go. WRONG! True forgiveness does not mean to forget and let it go.

Here are some tips to real forgiveness:

  1. Recognize your inner pain as truly painful.
  2. Express your emotions about that pain.
  3. Protect yourself from having that same hurt performed on you again.
  4. Forgive yourself!
  5. Do not forget or pretend it never happened. You must mourn and feel the pain to learn completely.
  6. Do not excuse the offender. Recognize that they did WRONG.
  7. Do not give permission to allow the pain to continue or to be repeated.
  8. You do not have to reconcile with the offender. It is your own choice and you are right in either decision you make.
We all find forgiveness in our own way. But there is one last factor in forgiveness. That is, did the offender admit their wrong and ask for forgiveness? If not, then beware of that type of person and keep them far away from you. They will find other victims. That is just what they do in life. And they are probably good at it, because they are the epitome of self-centeredness. Allow them to go their own way and realize that the Goddess usually makes sure that they get it back in the end three times three.

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Why do the majority of people come to Midtown Sacramento? How did we get such a surplus of bottom feeders in a potentially great area?

Just like Fresno, there are two types of people that stay in Midtown:

  1. The person who moves here for work and gets stuck.
  2. The loser who cannot make it anywhere else and finds that they have a certain level of acceptance from their peers in Midtown.

And why do the majority of Midtown dwellers seem so angry? Because they mostly have failed at life in general. They know there is no escape and that they will always be stuck in a hum-drum existence of mediocrity.

Just post a bad review of a popular Midtown establishment on Yelp and you will see what I mean. Every single angry Midtown loser stops riding on their skateboard for a minute and begins to attempt to reply back using language skills, typing skills and thought skills. It is way too much for the average Midtown dweller to attempt. They need to stay on their skateboards, sell their flip-flops and start saving money to move to somewhere better. If they only had a goal or a resemblance of a goal they could perhaps move up a level to …..well…..Oregon for example. That is where most people who can’t handle California move isn’t it?

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