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Rush opened his big trap again and spews more poison! Rush is certainly mush, and nothing out of his void-like trap can be considered serious commentary. We have to learn not to give this double chip and dip, flabby potato head the hype heis seeking by repeating his filth!


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Dear Other Woman or Man,

I didn’t know much about you. I only met you once when you came to my house to take my husband on a bikeride.Image of two people on a bike ride You were his friend after all. Husbands are allowed to have friends too.  You did seem nice and I thought maybe we could have another friend join our circle. Someone to hang out with, do dinners and movies, or play games on rainy weekends. But something deep inside of me took note that you never could really look me in the eye. You never really did address me as another person in the room. You even sat next to my husband without even blinking. While I relegated myself to the couch across the room.  That was probably enough warning that something was just “different” about this friend.

Then you made the conscious decision to sleep with my husband. Well, maybe not sleep. Actually you just had sex with him. Meaningless, silly, sloppy, insecure sex. And that was ok with you right? Maybe your father did the same thing to your mother? Maybe your list of ex partners (and I am sure its quite large) did the same thing to you too? Maybe you needed to feel that you could steal someone else’s husband away to make you feel strong and good about yourself? Maybe that is what relationships are to you, just little “nothing agreements” that have no impact on your life? Maybe the only good relationship is one where they exit the door and barely know your name? Perhaps its just the feeling that you had “another one”? Conquest mode taken to the extreme?

But I need to update you. I did research and learned a lot about you. And I thought a lot about you. This is what I learned:

  1. In Sacramento you are considered the one that “everyone has had”.
  2. Most people consider you “a mess”. Someone who has no idea who you are, where you are going or when you will ever get there IF you ever do get there.
  3. You have no self-respect or personal pride. And your parents never did teach you the difference between Right and Wrong. I think you missed out on a lot of the standards of humanity.
  4. You will always be truly a lonely person. You will always settle for less because you are less than whole.
  5. Later in life, we will see you hanging out in the same bars and other establishments with false teeth, shabby hair, a mindless haze over your fading eyes, while you han over the urinal offering unsolicited blow jobs to unwary men in a rush.

Oh yeah, I also know exactly where you live, your phone number, where you go to school, your class schedule, your email address and most of the people who you hang out with.

Here is a little you need to know about me:

  1. My family is half Russian and half Irish. That equals 110% barbarian. You know the races, we were the ones who chased your measly ancestors into hiding in caves in the hills.
  2.  We believe in an eye for an eye. We shun the idea of forgive and forget, until the last drop of blood has dripped off our axe handle. Then we forget.
  3. My ancestors invented polo. Except they didn’t play with balls, they played with the heads of rival tribes. Though your head may be a bit inflated to actually play polo successfully, so we may need to use your balls if you have any.
  4. I usually don’t stop until I am done. Like a bulldog, I will bite down and hold on until the bull comes down. (And measuring the size of your rear-end I can guesstimate that would be about 15 minutes of struggle).
  5. Many of my childhood friends are not-so-nice people who like to get together on dark nights, wrapping small dolls with the names of certain people, singing around fires and then stabbing needles into that same doll. (Ironically the initials MG were printed on a doll last night). Luckily, two of them live right near you!

So just advice to heed over the next… oh say 6 years of your life…

  1. Always look over your shoulder, wherever you may be.
  2. Always check that all of your doors are locked at night.
  3. Make sure you go to the doctor routinely, especially when you start feeling slightly ill.
  4. Before getting into your truck, please check beneath your truck for different attachments.

Other than that, it was really nice meeting you and getting to know you. I wish you God’s speed.

3 times 3!


A Very Scary Calm Adam

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Image of red and gold tulipsLife is an ever changing thing. And it seems that the older we get the faster time seems to fly. We just can’t stop it.

Its nice to make the journey through our life with friends and family. They help us on the journey. They become our sounding board for our crazy ideas and whimsical stories of life’s complications. They are there to listen and we are there to listen to them in turn. Its the give and take in a friendship based relationship and one that should be treasured forever.

But what happens to that small percentage of friends who fall in love, start dating someone monogomously and then disappear from their own friends lives? They seem to just fade away. Why do some friends do this? Can’t they handle having friends AND relationships at the same time? Is it too much work for them and does it take too much time?

I never understood this phenomena. Here are some examples:

Friend H – We have been friends for a very long time. We have been through thick and thin. The constant theme to our friendship has been love. When is H going to find love. When will H find somone who knows the definition of commitment? Are there any straight males out there who can actually stay true to one girl? Then one day, POOF! H is gone. Vanished into the world of possible romance. And this is not the first time. H does it all the time. Everytime a man comes into her life, she drops her friends like a sandwich filled with ants. No room for friends, only a man! The sad truth is that the relationship always seems to fail. Then POOF! Friend H is back in her friends life again, complaining that she just can’t find that right man!

Friend F – Growing up with this friend was quite an experience and one that built me as a human being in the end. Friend F is actually a second cousin as well. We have known eachother all of our lives. She was there when my mother passed away, but sadly was already starting to fade away at that time. Friend F ended up marrying a homophobic bible thumping egomaniac. POOF! No more friend and cousin F. Vanished into thin air.

Friends E and K – Two for the price of one. Its always strange when friends fall in love with eachother. It doesn’t happen all that much really. But when it does, it normally is a time to celebrate because now everyone can be together and have a blast and grow old together. But oh no, POOF! Two friends vanish into thin air. They found love and perhaps they don’t want past stories brought up with their current friends, so now maybe they need to find new friends that don’t know either’s past tales of drunken escapades. Hard to watch one friend vanish compared to two at once.

So what does all this mean? It just means, that friends come into our life and go out of our life with ease. Perhaps those friends that are leaving are just making more room for the new ones that are headed our way. I don’t think I will ever understand it, but times are a changing on a constant basis and I embrace the opportunity to meet new friends and grow old (maybe) with them! Or maybe I just need to make friends with people who are already married and settled down and avoid all of the drama completely!!!

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