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Rush opened his big trap again and spews more poison! Rush is certainly mush, and nothing out of his void-like trap can be considered serious commentary. We have to learn not to give this double chip and dip, flabby potato head the hype heis seeking by repeating his filth!


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The human race continues to expand its vast plague like self across the planet. What are the modern reasons for having children? In long ago days, the reason for having children was to ensure the continuation of the human race. That is no longer an option. We are the dominant species on the planet with few wars, fewer catastrophes and no natural predators to keep our numbers in check. And yet, people continue to procreate in alarming numbers. Why?

Reason #1 – Jill and Pete want others to perceive them as successful and normal. They have children. They don’t want children really but they still have them anyway. It is the thing to do when you get to our age right? Selfish and wrong!

Reason #2 – Pete has a wandering eye and Jill thinks that having children will keep him at home. It has worked for others hasn’t it?  Stupid and wrong!

Reason #3 – Jill is pregnant by her boyfriend Pete. She doesn’t really see herself marrying this loser, but the church says she needs to have the child otherwise she will burn forever in a hell underground somewhere. It is the right thing to do. Ignorant and wrong!

Reason #4 – Jill has nothing to do. She feels useless staying at home while her husband Pete goes to work all day. She is bored. If she has a child or two or three, that will give her life direction and purpose. It is her natural instinct after all! Egotistical and wrong!

Reason # 5 – Jill and Pete are happy and have good lives. They love children and want some of their own. They have the means to support their own children without relying on society to raise them.  They have a future. They have thoughts things through all the way. Their family is a support system. Overall they will be A+ parents. BINGO!

In this modern era, it is hard to believe that the reasons to have children above exist. You would think our society was more intelligent than our ancestors. You would think that the human animal would want to bring a loved child into the world only when their own lives had reached a point of balance, harmony and economic stability. WRONG! Most children are born with reasons 1-4 above as the main factors. Most marriages end in divorce. Most people do not think child birth out. And schools are not helping. Neither are churches. In fact, both of these entities are part of the greater problem. They each have their own agenda, and the more children there are born in the world, the more churches and the school system profit.

Future parents should have to obtain a license to have children before they are able to have children. They should have to show proper education, proper motivation, proper home stability, and proper financial stability. There is no excuse to have children for the sake of children anymore. This concept of having children “just because” has created an army of dysfunctional youth. It is sad. It is wrong. It needs to stop.

Be courteous of the planet. Procreate in an intelligent manner with plans and goals of everyone’s future in mind.

Having a baby is not like buying a new Ipod. You can’t give it back and when you bring forth another life into the world, you in fact must give up your own individuality and independent will in order to raise a child the right way. You have greater responsibilities. And being responsible is not humanity’s greatest skill!
Let’s begin to think before giving birth. Let’s plan ahead. Let’s not react rashly and bring another living thing into the world without a strong support behind that decision. tree of lifeLet’s stop the plague of children. Otherwise, eventually, the Goddess will stop the plague for us. Her own way.

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