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Neo-Pagan Modern Thoughts On Society


Funny but it seems like everyone is on Facebook. Singles are on Facebook. Married couples are on Facebook. Cheaters are on Facebook. Married people seeking divorces are on Facebook. Companies are on Facebook. Political non-profits are on Facebook too. For awhile everyone had to be on Facebook. But it appears that wave has crashed.

Facebook seems big and full of…. Well full of it. Whatever that it is. But on close examination people are starting to find that. Facebook is merely a limited quasi-environment. And a not very functional environment at that. It warranted a badly done film about fighting brats and out of control sex addicts, so it must be the future right?

Facebook games have proven themselves to be limited in game replay, graphics, and even original idea.

Facebook friends are…. Not real folks!

Facebook. Apps are sad, single use and one dimensional. Basically not apps at all.

Facebook UI is hideously ugly, not very accessible, not user friendly and seriously badly designed by obvious drunken beings.

But even Google wants in on the action? They are slowly, pathetically trying to release Google+ as a valid contender into the social media pool of sludge. Sadly Google designed another one dimensional, self reliant world.



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