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Each day a new candidate joins the potential presidential fray. But perhaps the scariest, yet most consistent party-goers seems to be the Tea Party aka Tea Baggers. Is this newish party, mutant knock-off from the Republicans, the new Nazi party of America?


Paul, Perry, Buchman and Palin as Nazis.
Each day a new potential candidate joins the presidential fray. Its starting to get ugly out there. But perhaps the scariest, ugliest, yet most media prominant party-goers seem to be the Tea Party (aka Tea Baggers). Is this newish semi-party, mutant knock-off from the Republicans, the new Nazi party of America?

Their common denominator is hate. They all preach hatred of others. And they do it well. They preach hate with a flaming Bible behind them and rows of corn fed militants in their armada. They stammer that THEY are the true voice of America. They shout that THEY have the true sense of what Americans want in the White House.

If the Tea Baggers had it their way, they would incorporate extermination camps into our economic structure. All gay people, all non-English speaking people, all non-whites, all non-Christians, all single people living out of wedlock, all radicals, all artists, all liberals, and any other opponents would get sent in packed trains to “holiday encampments” including gas powered showers. The Tea Baggers would love to get rid of anyone that opposes them. All those people would just go missing and the Tea Baggers would be happy.

Perhaps the scariest of the Tea Baggers is the new Palin-esque Bachmann. Her ignorance and vile hatred of others, masked behind religious motives is held up by a ‘hair-don’t’ that is creating its own hole in the ozone layer by sheer weight of aerosol spray! Bachmann should make sure to stand far away from the flaming crosses that her followers are carrying on their shoulders and pounding into the lawns of the opposition. One spark and her head may erupt into nuclear explosion like the comic book hero “Ghost Rider”.  I never thought that there could be a worse ‘woman hating woman’ than Palin, that is UNTIL I heard the squalor of falsity spewing from the Mount Etna mouth of Bachmann. Girl needs to read a WHOLE lot more!

Do not be deceived. This Tea Bag movement is nothing more than a proliferation of hate. The similarities between the young Nazi party in a failing Germany and the Tea Party of the U.S. in an economic down turn should not be ignored. This voluminous river of flowing red is a product of a failing economy, that is all. It is only a red ‘drop shadow’ of deep economic problems. But like the Nazi tide prior to WWII, we should not turn our backs on this enemy, for fear that one day a cattle car will be carrying those we love away en masse.

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