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Congressman Anthony Weiner has finally, tearfully admitted that he has been Sexting women. For those wondering, Sexting is the term for texting dirty pictures or texts. Currently there are more texts sent worldwide than actual phone calls. Texting has become a valid form of communication used by most everyone. And more and more people are being busted Sexting too!

Why do married people participate in Sexting? And is it a form of cheating?

If there wasn’t something wrong about Sexting, Weiner would not have had to lie. Obviously Weiner knew it was wrong. The guild overloaded him and forced him to tearfully admit that he lied all of these days about being accused of Sexting. Twitterpated on Twitter? And then busted with his pants down!

The real fact is that yes indeed, Sexting is a form of cheating! Sorry guys! I know a lot of you out there, who are happily married, contribute to Sexting via Twitter and other social media. Facebook is proving to be one of the largest contributors to marriage breakup and infidelity. Social media lends itself to cheating and opens doors to people everywhere. Sure, you may never actually meet the real person, but sending x-rated language and images of yourself in your tighty-whiteys, is indeed inappropriate if you are married or in a relationship. It’s just like phone sex, or meeting at midnight at Motel 6!

We need to get a hold of ourselves and start acting responsibly. Just because it’s only electronic communication, does not expunge you from all your real life commitments. Weiner should be an example for us all. Learn from him, don’t emulate him!


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