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Neo-Pagan Modern Thoughts On Society

We have become a society focused on vanity. Self absorbtion has become pointless national pastime, wasting thousands of dollars, risking health and life for the battle against age.

GMA reports this morning the growing trend of parents injecting their pageant competitive children with Botox to battle childhood wrinkles. One mother gets illegal Botox kits from a doctor and injects her 8 year old each time her child complains about a wrinkle. She couldn’t divulge the doctors name. Hmmm….. Sounds illegal, kind of like a drug dealer huh? Wonderful parenting skills.

Isn’t this child abuse in it’s raw form? Should people like this actually be allowed to parent at all? At least the parent should be forced to take a class on the difference between wrinkles and dimples? Perhaps it’s better for these foolish parents to finally realize that we are all dying as soon as we are born. You cannot stop it. You can only make it more difficult to recognize. Nothing is permanent, including your youth.


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