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Neo-Pagan Modern Thoughts On Society

Times are tough all over. Economies are collapsing. People are struggling. Gas prices are rising. Real estate is failing. The job market has become a desolate waste land of low paying jobs. And countries are still at war. Is this really time for a royal wedding? And is a royal wedding something to celebrate or is it salt in the wound?

Scotland Yard is hot on the heels of multiple threats against the royal wedding. Irish militants, Islamic terrorists and home grown angry civilian groups are planning protests and perhaps violent action against the frivolous flaunting of the people’s hard earned cash.

Weddings and funerals are the two most expensive events in an average humans life. The royal family can afford a lavish spectacle and are willing to spend spend spend on this one. But just like a famous French Marie Antoinette, are they flaunting their wealth to the hurting masses while yelling from marble balconies “Let them eat cake!”

Frankly the days of the haves and the have nots generally come to some sort of clash. The royal family is no exception and actually parades their cob webbed covered, antiquated methods at very inappropriate times. It hardly seems like a party to build public morale when just last month violent outbreaks in London sent a whole different message. Will a royal wedding bind a splitting community together or drive a huge golden wedge between it? It does not look like a “People’s Celebration” at all!


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