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Hard drives

How many hard drives have you owned that have eventually crashed? Many times we entrust information to these hardware dinosaurs that we cannot replace. We back them up to other hard drives and hope that the backed up version does not crash at the same time. Risky way of protecting our valuable data huh?

Yes, Virginia the hard drive is going bye bye rapidly. Their replacement will be solid state flash based drives that are more reliable at the least. That replacement has already started and is being magnified by the huge success of smart phones and tablet computing. Mobile computing is the future of our world and that depends on light, indestructible forms of data storage. Not hard drives. But prices are still too high for this new technology and the technology has not become a norm yet.

Well, I am being forced into the future early. My trusted iMac’s hard drive just died a sizzlingly sad death. After a week of desperate CPR attempts, I have given up saving it and now will have to have it replaced. I will also have to trust the stability of my Time Machine backup from March. Scary beyond words!

This less than desirable event will take time as Apple will need to complete the operation and I have to find time to get the machine to them in the first place.

So, after I shake off the anxiety ridden feelings of desperation, I started realizing this could be an “opportunity”. I can try to compute daily soley off my iPad. Hmmmmm…… Am I ready for this?

So until my hard disk is replaced, reformatted and restored (goddess knows how long that will take!) I am going to use my iPad 2 for my blogging, shopping online, research, Netflix watching, reading and overall computing. Starting now!

So far so good. More to come in the days ahead!


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