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Rather than focus on the people who either adopt or fight against this new type of technology, I would rather focus on a clear benefit to this technology.


Image of a cover from an old comic book.The age of electronic books is upon us now. There is no going back, there is only three categories to fit into: early adopters, later adopters and oppositional non-adopters. The latter are the people who refuse anything new.

Rather than focus on the people who either adopt or fight against this new type of technology, I would rather focus on a clear benefit to this technology.

Comic books have been around for a very long time. Some of my earliest memories include Sunday morning drives from the sleepy town of Orinda, CA to the equally sleepy town of Rheem, CA, with my dad. My dad made this a normal part of our Sunday morning activity so that he could by particularly hard to find business gazettes and newspapers at a small store in Rheem. I loved those Sunday morning rides with my dad. One of the reasons that I loved them so much was that it meant I would get to buy some comic books. My dad usually allotted me $1.00 to spend on comics, because he thought it was a silly thing to buy, and back in those days $1.00 was a helluva lot of money. And I was the type of kid that figure out a way to stretch out that dollar and make sure I got the maximum amount of comics for its value. I always walked away with a bag full in the end.

So comic books hold a special memory for me. They speak of the time in my life where I was innocent, and life was innocent. And they bring foggy memories of drives with my dad back to me, almost to the point of tears sometimes.

I kept most of those comic books. They have traveled with me through life, through lovers and friends, through jobs and homes. They have been a constant. Probably the only constant that I was guaranteed in my life. Everything else seemed to fall away with time. But my comic books stayed by my side wherever I was living and whatever I was doing. They may have been stashed away in a box in a dark closet, but I always knew that they were there. And every now and then, I would add a new one or two to my collection, needless to say that the price increased substantially so that a dollar would not buy me even a single book.

We all have memories of our childhood. Some good and some bad. But we all want to preserve parts of it for our later years and perhaps our descendants life times.  Digital comics and digital comic readers help us do that, and they are quite good.

Comic books are now scanned into zipped archives with the extensions .cbr or .cbz. You can look up the process on the web and get hundreds of instructional web pages that will take you step by step through the process. In these highly compressed files, our entire comic book collections are preserved. Each page as an individual, vividly colorful image. Then we can download multiple free Apps for our PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or even the rare sought after iPad 2, that will enable us to read those files in sequential order, just like we are reading the actual book. We can even include those goofy Sea Monkey ads if we want! You get to choose!

We don’t have to crack open the actual hard copy book, risking hurting the pages, or smearing fragile ink. We can have our digital comic books available to us always, with our other wonderful digital reading materials. We can tote our entire collections around with us and read at our own pleasure. And reading pleasure it is! I am starting to re-read many of my older comics, and I find myself drifting away while I am reading. Drifting away to the body of a little boy, peering out of a fast moving vehicle zig zagging its way through windy suburban streets to a destination filled with comic book racks that spin around on wire frames, while my dad peruses through the business section of the magazine rack and chides me to “Hurry up, Adam. We don’t have all our life.”

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