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With the massive earthquake and following devastating tsunami in Japan, comes an added devastating bonus: potential nuclear meltdown in not one but two nuclear power plants.


Image of nuclear explosionWith the massive earthquake and following devastating tsunami in Japan, comes an added devastating bonus: potential nuclear meltdown in not one but two nuclear power plants.

If you watch, read or listen to news you will be told not to panic. You will be told that there is really little for you to worry about here in the US. You will be told that even Japanese civilians have little to worry about, except their own survival due to the after effects of this major disaster.

But, do you really believe that goofy propoganda? Do you? Do you think that man can pour radioactive contamination into the earth’s atmosphere and feel no ramifications in the end? Sounds kind of like the Gulf oil spill doesn’t it? Familiar lies.

The truth is that you should not worry, because the damage has already begun. There is no going backwards. There is only moving forward and living with a world that is thouroughly contaminated now. Worrying won’t really get you anywhere except sick. But knowing the truth is important.

The truth is that this has happened before. Nuclear radiation contamination was a dire result in Japan after World War II. Its people have lived with the vile results of atmospheric poisoning for that last few decades. Few studies have been done and little data has been retained for public use after World War II. Perhaps because of shame.

But there is data on another more current nuclear accident, Chernobyl. Very, very similiar to what is going on in Japan right now, except its doubles there. If you want to read about the findings of the Chernobyl accident, I recommend this link.

Nuclear poisoning is not something you can see right away. It is something that permeates the atmosphere and does not evaporate or disperse into oxygen. It remains for hundreds of years.

Think of this. They are currently pouring sea water into the nuclear chamber to cool it down and hopefully avoid massive melddown. A leak has started at the bottom of the chamber, now leaking contaminated sea water back into the ocean, and into the earth. A major snow storm is predicted, coming from Russia into Japan. Snow is frozen water. Snow melts and becomes water. The sun comes out. The sun evaporates water.  Contaminated water evaporates and becomes air born and now freely moves into the earths atmosphere, carrying with it contamination far and wide. Water in the atmosphere comes back to earth as rain. Rain feeds plants across the planet and falls back into the oceans, rivers and lakes as well. Based on these simple factors of earth’s natural ebb and flo you can easily see that even a small amount of radioactive contamination affects the entire planet, all animals, all ocean life,  all plant life, all water sources for hundreds of years to come.

Perhaps 150 years from now, when they can gather final statistics on the after effects of this horrible catastrophe, humans (if we have not obliterated ourselves by then) will truly know the real ramifications of this particular wave of radiation poisoning.

Some people would love to have you believe that nuclear energy is super efficient and clean. How many of those same people will die from cancer? How many of their grand children will die from cancer? What will the numbers look like on a pie chart 150 years from now. I guarantee you, it won’t look pretty.

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