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We get it now! American Idol has become the “Jennifer Lopez Hour”, or two.


Image of American Idol judges including Jennifer LopezWe get it now! American Idol has become the “Jennifer Lopez Hour”, or two. The whole show now seems to belong to Jennifer and acts as an advertisement for Jennifer products, Jennifer music, Jennifer everything.

Americans athletes and American stars share one horrific common trait. Most of them don’t know when to retire and go play in their money. Instead they hang on and hang on and hang on some more. Or worse they try come back, that fails. Then come back again. That fails. Then finally come back once more. That usually fails too. By that time we are normally so sick of them that we won’t watch anymore.

Take for example, Madonna. Very good when younger and rebellious. Each album was good, but shortened the life of the star just that little bit more. Now of course, Madonna’s music videos are like a joke, as we watch granny dance around in tights. ummmm YUCK!

We also have the likes of Elizabeth Taylored, Paris Hit-Me-Hilton, Newt Salamander the Republican, Sarah Pain-in The A$$, Charlie Sheen-Wreck, Lindsay Lone-Hand, Bjorn Boring, and countless more come back stories. Its too early in the morning to remember them all.

It all makes sense now that Jennifer Lopez is following the same fate as Madonna et al. A negotiated American Idol contract probably holds serious clauses that make that show bow to countless hours of PR tricks and schemes to keep this fading singer/actress afloat in stardom.

Not saying that we don’t love Jennifer. We love Madonna too. We loved Charlie Sheen too! We love Lindsay. Ok, maybe we don’t love Newt. The ratings tell a popularity story. But the masses also love to stare at car wrecks on the freeway, or Sheen-wrecks on video! And we all know how popular Sheen-wrecks are right now! Just because its popular, doesn’t mean its right. Didn’t you guys watch “Mean Girls“? HELLO! Its only the bible of popularity.

Please Jennifer, don’t become a Sheen-Wreck! *And please Jennifer, ditch the prostitute red lipstick!

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