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American Idol this season is like eating a stack of waffles smothered in syrup and dowsed with chocolate drizzles.


Image of American Idol logo with microphone.American Idol this season is like eating a stack of waffles smothered in syrup and dowsed with chocolate drizzles. There is so much sugar coating piled into this season of AI that after watching one of the hideous long episodes you must get tested for diabetes the next day. They need to post a warning prior to the start of the programming that watching this show can seriously elevate your blood sugar.

No Simon seems to equal no integrity. Not that the show ever really had serious integrity. But at least there were opposing views from the judges and some interesting moments of contention. Randy is the lone remainder of the original contentious team. Sadly to report, I used to actually like Jennifer Lopez until this show. After last nights horrible rendition of, “we can’t make a decision, so how about while we are having a judge’s private conversation we play J Lo’s new music video for you?” OMG! OMG! OMG! Can I vomit now or should I wait until the eagerly awaited decision is announced?

The new season has taken any integrity that the show had (a small thimble full for sure) and flushed it down the big white circular waste can that makes a watery “SWOOSH” sound! We are left with a season of dullsville, teenage girl votes, and really awkward neo-adults dancing and singing in uncomfortable looking shoes. Plus three judges that pretend to bounce to the beat and then give words of encouragement that can only be deemed, pre-determined words that could be spoken by the performers own parents: “You are truly amazing. You are remarkable. You are wonderful. You will be become president one day. You are going to save our planet and free all oppressed societies over night. You can walk on water!”


How can a show that claims to be able to create American idols and fantastic artists have any serious integrity in the art world? It can’t. Serious musical artists each year cringe in agony as the AI season takes off. They hide their eyes and hope that when the smoke clears there is not too much damage to the music industry. Sometimes even mediocre talent evolves from all the PRing, commercials, prostituting, and philandering. Some times. But rarely. And usually not very long lasted.

The best we can hope for is a solid karaoke act to glamorize an already glitzy Las Vegas night life. I am sure the casinos see some serious monetary gain.


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