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We all know that our healthcare system is in need of some deep reforms. Obama‘s simplified solution is a feeble move to force all Americans to carry some kind of coverage. But its only a bandage over a chasm of a bleeding wound that is not getting any better.

Why is it not getting better? America, after all has the best doctors and medical service and technology in the world. So what is wrong with this picture?

One of the problems are entities like Blue Shield. Capitalist piratical agencies that call themselves “needed” and “helpful”. But in fact BS only wants profit. They want profit at the expense of the health of Americans, no matter what. Evil at the top degree on the pyramid of life.

One of my darker moments in my life was spent working for this evil entity of BS. (pun intended) I worked in the Individual Plan Customer Service Dept. This is the front line of complaints, stress, bigotry, greed and vileness. I spent almost a year working for this entity (named just like in the horror flick). It is the only job where I actually walked off the job with no communication to my superior, no explanation, nor any word to my peers. And it was the most liberating experience of my life. As I walked out of the doors of BS I felt a close knowledge of the feeling of the slaves liberation and emancipation, I felt close to the jubilation of the jews release from Dachau. In other words, it was a great day.

Our health care system will never get better as long as we have entities like BS governing who can and cannot get health care. It will never improve when there are profits of substantial size to be won by a minority. At BS all agents have a HUGE book of “conditions”. These conditions bar an individual from being insured unless they are coming directly from a group plan with their guaranteed issue certificate in hand as well as their COBRA coverage spent out, making them perhaps even more destitute financially and desperate for health coverage. That book of conditions is what drives these types of entities to huge profits at the expense of lives of people. Its sad. Its a tragedy and it MUST be changed.

Health care is in place to ensure the well being of our country’s population. No matter how old. No matter how sick. Our economy cannot recover if our working force is getting sicker each and every day. Our country cannot reach heights of grandeur without health care actually CARING about people.

For those people employed at Blue Shield and other like agencies, I have one message “You should feel shame. For you rape and kill the very people that you profess to serve. You hide behind your shield for good reason. For shame is a reason to hide. In the end, you will be old and destitute and you will need that same health care. Hopefully, BS and its evil sisters will go down in flames long before you reach that time my friend.



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