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Image of music notes.I don’t consider myself a very music savvy person. I never learned to play a musical instrument in school. Though my family always had a piano or organ, while I was growing up, I never took too much effort in learning to play it. The rest of my family was pretty music savvy and almost all of them learned to master a musical instrument. I just stuck with my tennis racquet, comic books, and art.

But now later in life, there is strong evidence that learning a musical instrument helps soothe the savage soul. Lowers your blood pressure. Improves concentration. Focuses positive energy. Fights back the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. And many other great pluses to an individual.

So for the winter holiday, I got a digital piano, the Yamaha DGX 640 and started to learn to play.

Wow! Now, all I want to do is play piano. I am taking the “Piano for All” course, and it has changed the way I see and hear music forever. I recommend both the Yamaha DGX 640 keyboard as well as the Piano for All program. Both can be purchased online.

I have noticed since learning to play piano that I do stay in a more melodic calm mood, even when there is stress around me. I love the moments that I can share with my piano and the melody that I can create is amazing, considering that I have only been practicing piano for about two months now. This new hobby should be encouraged in everyone. We all need to have that creative, music making energy coming out of us each and every day.



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