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And that factor is what I am writing about here, I like to call today’s blog “The College Book Factor”, or “Is College Equivalent to Piracy?”


Time to go back to school for Spring is here. I have not been in school for a long time, but I remember it being pretty darn expensive. I always held great admiration for the die hard students who worked hard for that degree held so high in the shady distance. Many of them have a strength inside themselves that does not let them quit and keeps them focused on the end result. And that is great!

But have the days of a college driven country and a degree driven economy come to an end?

Definitely to be a root cause in the technology world, college is almost a hindrance. Technology breeds a different type of student. The type of student that learns from experiences and reading and reading and reading. Plus lots of experimental practice and theorizing. Corporations hunt still for that creative technologist that was a rebel in school and was driven by their own winds across an ocean of competitive free creation. Also the right minded creative intelligence that thinks outside the box avoids socially awkward, football leaning, money based academia for fear of dark contamination to their creative genius. And they should!

Look around and you will see that some of the greatest minds leading our country are self taught and self motivated. They were driven by love for what they do and what they dreamed of doing. College cannot teach you that, it is born in your blood. They were children raised to be the free living, free thinking spirits that move mountains and put men on the moon. There are no hindrances of regulations, parking permits, student card fees, and playing by the rules wedged deeply in their skull. For those things only kill the new and diversifying hunger for change or mutates the deep pride in self accomplishment that comes from finding one’s own set of drums and marching to that individual beat.

But surely, doctors, lawyers, psychologists and other collegiate based professions are determined by success in school. There is no escaping that factor. Certain professions are not allowed into the professional field without undergoing those hell years. That is a sad American fact.

And that factor is what I am writing about here, I like to call today’s blog “The College Book Factor”, or “Is College Equivalent to Piracy?”

Last night I helped someone begin purchasing his college books. And here are the sad facts that came to be realized:

  • Some classes require a ton of books. Is this to make the instructor feel more empowered? Or is it because the instructor is lacking in their own ability to teach and is dependent on other’s musings?
  • Not one of the books required for my friend was available as an ebook, on iBooks, PDF, EPUB or available on the Kindle? ummmm, is it time for the instructors to go back to the school of the real world and learn that the world has changed outside their college safe walls?
  • All of the books, whether used or new, were outrageously expensive! How silly is that? You are ripping future Americans chances of success out of their hands and replacing their hopes with student loans and credit card bills. Is that the way we are to improve our economy? I think not.
  • Some of the required books were written by the instructor of the class themselves and not available at all on the likes of Amazon,, Barnes& etc… Only available at the local college books store. Is this the epitome of a hand job or what? Has the instructor lost their self esteem down the drain so deeply that they must rape the new mind so that they may feel better about their own intelligence?

I came away feeling sad and disgusted. We wonder what is wrong with our country and our economy. Yet, we are raising whole generations of in-debt youth before they even have a chance. They are going out into the world as graduates of our esteemed intelligence making machines with only debt and a degree. They don’t really know how to do much besides study and memorize. With a few inclusive social skills and the ability to chug tall glasses of beer in a single bound!

We are getting ourselves deeper into trouble with time.


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