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Its almost time for us to put away the old year and jump head first into the new year. As we jump off that familiar precipice into the void of the unknown, we may wish that we had purchased a crystal ball or had close associations with a good psychic first.


Its almost time for us to put away the old year and jump head first into the new year. As we jump off that familiar precipice into the void of the unknown, we may wish that we had purchased a crystal ball or had close associations with a good psychic first.

Here, let me take out my crystal ball and help everyone out a little, by glimpsing into the obvious developments of our future. Image of a crystal ball

What does the future hold for us?

 In TV Say bye bye to Comcast, Satellite TV, Cable or any of the other current monopolizers of our tv watching dollars. Make way for the advent of streaming tv. Why should we pay for programming that we rarely watch, when through streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu and a streaming device like the marvelous Roku, we can watch what we want and pay a minimum fee while doing so? We are on the brink of the next wave of electronic media and couch potatoes wet dreams!

In Books – Say bye bye to hard copy books! The age of electronic reading is here whether you like it or not. Now an individual can lug thousands of books with ease from place to place in light, searchable, accessible devices out now including the iPad, Kindle et al. Digital publishing is all of the craze and technology is moving so rapidly on this front that you can barely turn your ebook page fast enough to keep up! Why simply READ a book? Now, your book can display video, animations, music, or read itself back to you in flawless, changeable human voice!

Politics – Two parties becoming one. The middle path is taking over whether the two extremes like it or not. None but the ultimate brain washed proletariat sees everything 100% blue or 100% red! Most of the country is finding that they are neither and both at the same time. The middle path is always the best way. Just as a Taoist!

Housing – Greed brought us to this ultimate economical brink. And now greed will be punished. Those money hungry nouveau riche Americans who snapped up multiple properties in the hopes of becoming the supreme landlord to desperate renters will now be punished with multiple properties not occupied. Time to drop your rent prices slum lords!

The Dollar – Sorry, but that green piece of paper you are holding in your hand is going to continue to plummet in value. Because there is very little value behind it anymore anyway. The cost of living is still way too high. The vast majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. And for our economy to grow once again, we need to go back and prioritize how our goods are valued.

Software – How can we really fight piracy? How about pricing our softare accordingly and making everything App based on the cloud up there! Control control control! No software should cost more than $20 anymore. And even priced at $1.99, countless App developers are laughing all the way to the bank at their overpriced competitors, whose software is stolen right from under them. Wake up Adobe et al!

Religion – America, the last bastion of the churches greedy arms, and often times touchy feely fathers! Europe learned a long time ago, that only the seriously ignorant and desperate ghouls of society put any gold in the coffers of the land owning church. Time to tax our religious institutions, as they are an equal business to Wally World! Oh yeah, and we are learning that true faith comes from within and is not dictated by someone standing behind a pulpit!

War – Come on! Do we still need this? We are quickly becoming the New Order’s depiction of the perfect planet, all one country after all. How can we fight when there are no borders? And how can we fight if there are no 100% Republicans or Democrats left? There is no need. It gets us nowhere and only costs us true productivity in the end.

Schools – Who needs these anymore? Perhaps only the fine tuned trades of the world like doctors, lawyers and therapists. For the rest, there is no need. School only will hold you back. Look it up on the internet. Teach yourself. Research yourself. Learn yourself. The world is your oyster and it is being piped into your house over the fastest pipeline source every made, the Internet.

Art – Say goodbye to photorealistic images of meadows, flowers and mountains painted by grandma or grandpa craftist. The time has come for our right brain to kick it up a notch and begin to truly reach for non-objective, meaningful, changeable art! Our evolution is at stake!

3-D – Ummm, yeah right. File this away with your Beta tapes please! Every generation tries it and every generation fails. Now, when Willy Wonka really does produce candy creating tv, we will see!

Free Internet and Wireless – The world’s economy depends on this change. And it is coming to a city, village, hovel near you! The information highway needs to be maintained free and the likes of AT&T will plummet into the vast abyss of nothingness if they don’t grasp the concept with the other innovators of the world!

The world is speeding now. Civilization is evolving quicker than ever. Hold on to something, else you are thrown off for good!

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