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And so we come to page 1 of my iPad and the end of this series of iPad blog posts. I try to put Apps that I use on a daily basis on this first page, to make it easier to access and use quickly. I do not put any games here usually unless it is new and I get really hooked on it right away.


Image of an iPadAnd so we come to page 1 of my iPad and the end of this series of iPad blog posts. I try to put Apps that I use on a daily basis on this first page, to make it easier to access and use quickly. I do not put any games here usually unless it is new and I get really hooked on it right away.

Calendar – iPads standard Calendar App. I use this daily to make sure all of my monthly tasks are accomplished. It synchs perfectly with my iMac too. So all Calendars are up to date and on track.

Contacts – iPads standard Contact App. Again, this comes on your iPad and it synchs perfectly with my iPhones, and iMac’s Contacts list too. I have to give Apple great kudos for their integration through all of their programs. Windows was originally created to integrate and always failed for me miserably.

Notes – iPads standard Notes App. Pretty good note taking App, no huge bells and whistles but gets the job done and I synch it with my iPhone and iMac too.

Kindle – Amazon hit it big with its Kindle App. Now that I have an iPad I don’t use my electronic Kindle device at all. I have not even charged it in over three months. But the Kindle App allows me to sync all of my Amazon purchases directly to my iMac, iPhone and iPad and read them on any of these devices in flawless color. Smart move by Amazon!

iBooks – Apple’s own book store App and free like the Kindle App. Many of my pdf’s and ebook’s are read on this App. iBooks does show off some of the powers of the iPad and its definitely worth downloading for free. I probably use iBooks and Kindle equally. Some books are cheaper on one store versus the other.

Videos – iPads seamless standard movie viewing App. Comes free on your iPad and I have not seen a replacement that has the spectacular level of clarity, color, sound and ease of use from any other App. Excellent movie watching App.

YouTube – iPads standard YouTube video watching App. It does the job easier and more efficiently than using Safari or any other web browser to view those addicting YouTube videos.

iTunes – I have to say, I don’t use this App much at all. What is the need for this App anyway? I need to move it to the back page soon because its taking up valuable real estate. Maybe one day Apple will redesign the whole iTunes App to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate. Don’t get me started on that one!

App Store – Apple’s App store portal. I use it daily to view Apps that are being posted, read reviews of Apps, see screen shots of Apps and then go in for the long haul and purchase the ones that I really like.

Settings – Your iPads settings App. So much power in such a little gray App! I have not even finished exploring the many changes you can make through your settings App. Very well done, very easy to use and crucial.

PDFReader Pro – I used to think this was the best PDF reader for the iPad. And then iBooks was updated and allowed the reading of PDF’s in it. So now I rarely use this App and it is doomed to be removed. iBooks is way better to read PDF docs anyway.

Pages – This is Apple’s rendition of Microsoft Word. Only better! I love Pages on my iMac. And I really love it on my iPad. Many times during the day, no matter where I am, if I have my iPad I can edit docs on Pages and really make them pretty in easy fashion. Everyone should try Pages, it is what Word should become one day.

Numbers – This is Apple’s rendition of Microsoft Excel. And again, I think it is better. I do not like the way it converts Numbers spreadsheets to PDF form though. It loses too much of the formatting and page layout edits. But Numbers is a solid spreadsheet program and I use it a lot.

SketchBook – Whats an art App doing on the front page of my iPad? Well, this is the best image creation tool on the iPad and you will quickly get addicted and enthralled by its user friendliness and beauty. Great App well worth the price and the download. Recommended for sure!

Flipboard – Want to read all of your Twitter and Facebook friends posting in a beautiful magazine style format? Flipboard is the App for you. This is the future of social entertainment. Basically you can add any site to your Flipboard and ensure that your own personal magazine forms to your own specific liking. Great App with tons of future potential yet to come! Probably my favorite App of all time!

Discover – want to search Wikipedia in a more beautiful streamlined GUI? Discover is a wonderful App that will allow you to search for any article in the multi-dimensional world of Wikipedia. And if you don’t know what Wikipedia is you better get on the band wagon quick because it has revolutionized information sharing around the world!

Evernote – This is a GREAT cloud App that synchs notes, photos and web pages between all of your devices. I was in a book store, saw a book I wanted to find online, took a snapshot of it and sent it to Evernote for later research. Many times in the past I have left the bookstore thinking I would remember the title or author and later forgot. A sign of age for sure! Evernote will not let that happen again. Great App and recommended for sure!

nook – This is Barnes & Noble’s answer to the Kindle and iBooks Apps. Its ok. I think Barnes & Noble is sadly pricing themselves right out of the ebook industry though. Prices always seem a bit high on the Nook and not as much free content as the other two rivals. I am a little disappointed with this one.

Note Hub – Great App for taking notes. I just like the streamlined GUI of this App. Its easy to find controls to edit, add or delete notes. It does everything a note taking App should do. I recommend it.

And finally, Dropbox – I was not really sold on the cloud mentality last year. But Dropbox really shows how easy it is to move files around between devices and be able to download them wherever you are located and whatever device you are able to use. Great App for storing data in the cloud.

Hopefully all of my tips have helped you organize your iPad or rethink Apps that you may have missed. There is a lot of good stuff out there. Let me know if you run across an App that you would like me to review or do research on in the future.

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