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The world is finding out that Apple’s iPad is an amazing, versatile device that is a hard copy version of an omen for the future. Jump on this ship or be left to drown in the waves of copy-cat retro-technology that flows around us like a giant sea of inferiority.


imag of a person holding an iPadThe world is finding out that Apple’s iPad is an amazing, versatile device that is a hard copy version of an omen for the future. Jump on this ship or be left to drown in the waves of copy-cat retro-technology that flows around us like a giant sea of inferiority.

We are all avidly customizing our iPads with the Apps that work for us on a daily basis. And much like the iPhone, you can have multiple pages of Apps. So what does everyone have on their iPad? Its a new sign of our times that at parties, people are no longer asking “What kind of car do you drive”, instead they are asking “What Apps do you have on your iPad?” (Except maybe if you live in ‘out of touch areas’ like Los Angeles) Even conversations around the business world’s water coolers has quickly been taken over by App-Fever!

So, in a multi-part blog series, I am going to go through each and every App that I have currently on my iPad, detailing the good and the bad and the order they appear:

I am starting in reverse order. The least used Apps on my iPad reside on my last App page on the device. In the order they appear on the last page, and with critical commentary, here they are:

Page 5 –

TanZen Lite – If you like Tanagrams, the ancient Chinese type puzzle, then TanZen Lite is for you. Fit together various puzzle pieces to try and recreate a particularly assigned picture. I am probably going to remove this App as I don’t use it as much as I once did. But it is free and it is a good mobile Tanagram App.

Maps – the Maps App that comes with my iPad has been demoted to the last page. I find more use from this App on my iPhone. It just makes more sense. But it is exactly the same App and it is also free.

Netflix – I am sure this will be moving shortly to my front page as I begin to convert my television watching away from the piratical Dish Network to a more modern “streaming” way of watching tv. Free to everyone, but to use it you must subscribe. An excellent App for free and one that will drive the future of television watching for a long time.

Calculator XL – Nice little free calculator App. I don’t use too much, but it is an essential App to have on your iPad.

Epicurious – Great free cooking App. This is like an iPad version of a wonderful cooking encyclopedia that allows users to look up recipes on a whim. See pictures and get complete list of ingredients and directions. I have used it multiple times and really do like this App. I only keep it on the last page as I see it as a utility App that I don’t use daily but need to have! Food bloggers beware, this is the future of electronic cook books for sure.

WordPress – A way to edit your WordPress blog, but still not amplified enough to use on a regular basis. It does not seem to be taking advantage of the graphic UI of the iPad or the touch world that is contained therein.

ABC News – Wonderful App to get your up to date news. Bye Bye Newspapers! An essential App to have and very recommended.

Twitter – A lot better than previous App versions, but still not quite polished enough to use on a regular basis. I like the direction this tweeting App is going though. Recommended!

Movie Club – A free movie watching App. But due to be removed as content is not frequently updated. If you want to watch the same 10-12 movies over and over then this is a good one for you. Otherwise, I would pass.

Shakespeare – Excellent reference book with all of Shakepeare’s plays and sonnets. Amazing search engine with all of the full text. Replaces a ton of books and a ancient tedious research methods. Great App, highly recommended!

Marvel – Nice comic book reading App and store. Not sure I am going to buy in yet to buying all of my comics in this way, but it is a portent of the future of the comic book industry for sure. Recommended.

Comics + – Another nice comic book reading App, not so geared around Marvel titles, but including independant titles. Good free App to be recommended.

Anime News – Do you love anime and want to know what current trends are looking like? This is the App for you. Again, free and a wealth of anime information. Highly recommended.

Appstream – a nice looking App searching App! Looking for a particular App by its icon is the theme here. I will be removing this App as the next App listed made it obsolete.

AppShopper – Much better than Appstream! This App hunting App, makes looking through the universe of Apps much more user friendly. You can search by price changes, popular and other search parameters to find that App just right for you!

TagDiskHD – I have never used this App yet. So it is doomed for removal soon I fear.

MacLife – a nice glimpse of the future of electronic magazines. This is how they should look in the future and this App should be the role model most used for others. Recommended.

Sand Garden – A nice relaxing, fun, zen sand garden without getting all of that sand on your desk. I recommend it for sure. Good to alleviate stress.

Speak It! – Text to speach accessibility App. Again, I recommend this as it appears to be the model for others to emulate. I don’t use it much, but when I do I am pleased by its performance.

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