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Its common knowledge that Satan has returned to earth in current times in the form of a pasty, white, Baptist, hate mongering reverand, known as Phelps.


Since Medieval times, the western world has had a very clear and distinct image of the man down under named, Satan. You know him as Lucifer, the Devil, D, Hot Stuff, His Holy Hotness etc… The western Christian world knows the man down under as the lord of evil people, the king of sin, king of the fiery furnace of hell. He is evil incarnate and you don’t want to run into him in a dark alley. And according to the Christian Bible, he comes back to the earth in the last days, challenging all that is good and holy and creates amazing fireworks in his holy of holy wars against God and his son Jesus.

Images of Rev. Vile Phelps next to Satan. Quite the resemblance!

It’s common knowledge that Satan has returned to earth in current times in the form of a pasty, white, Baptist, hate mongering reverend, known as Phelps. Notice the deep resemblances in the images on the right. Quite uncanny actually!

Lets look more deeply at the similarities of these two hateful beings:

  1. They both preach hate over love. Love of most any kind is bad in both their eyes, but especially if it involves anyone outside of Phelps tiny little church in rural Kansas church. Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore!
  2. They both love to antagonize the dead souls of loved ones. Phelps is particularly adept at causing a stir and commotion by pressing his Free Speech Amendment rights during solemn grieving funeral ceremonies. So much so, that his right to state his hate at private funerals goes before the Supreme Court today!
  3. They both live and love to cause hatred among people. Phelps spews forth his hatred of non-Christians, gays, abortionists, non-Baptists, non-Kansans, US soldiers who died defending his rights to free speech, parents of all of the above, brothers and sisters of all of the above, Democrats, women, children who were never baptized, people who cut in front of him at the local adult book store, and pretty much anyone else that he targets as a sinner.
  4. They both hate God so much that they ignore a message of love and prefer to throw wood on the fires of anger, ignorance and intolerance.
  5. They both hate education and really prefer to advocate and minister to those unfortunate souls that carry illiteracy on their chests with pride like a coveted award for world peace.

Does Phelps have the right to speak his mind and his views freely? Yes. This is the United States of America after all, and that is one of our nationalistic rights as humans. But does he have the right to disrupt somber and private occasions where families and friends grieve the very personal loss of their loved one? No. By disrupting other individuals funeral gatherings, Phelps is stepping on the rights of others. He is infringing on the rights to grieve in peace. He is creating stress, calamity, confusion, disgust, and ill will for others. He is like a plague, spreading his boil bursting inflammatory idiocies to everyone around him. He does not have that right.

For Phelps and his moronic followers to believe what they believe in the dark confines of their ramshackle house of hate in Kansas is their right. But for this band of badly dressed, poisonous, anti-Christian, anti-human, anti-love, bad karma carrying nut bags to impose their views on others is simply WRONG!

My suggestion is that Phelps’s church should pay amends to all of the people, over the many years, that he has imposed his views on, offended, humiliated and terrorized. The world does not need people like Phelps, and most certainly does not need the people that follow his stupid preachings. Who needs foreign terrorists when we have Kansas reverends who don’t even read their own book of faith? Lets say NO to Hate once and far all and rid ourselves of the likes of people like Phelps. Lets send a message to people like Phelps that the world will no longer tolerate ignorance in the place of love. Unite against idiocy!

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