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The Walmart store located at 3460 El Camino in Sacramento California, must be managed by a demon straight from the roots of hell.


I have never been a big fan of the giant Bible thumping mecca of discount stores, Walmart. They have proven over the years to be self-centered and egotistical in their employee relations department, and display their heavily right-wing Christian ideals whenever possible. Except when it comes to treating their employees well. Then they show a callous, almost southern plantation ideal of slavery.

It is one thing in this economy to be underpaid and overworked, right? Many people just consider themselves lucky to have a job at all. They don’t really care that they are happy, satisfied, upward mobile staff. They just have to pay the bills.

Image of a warm sunsetBut on several occasions I have visited a particular store where being an employee would be compared to jumping into a roasting pan, literally! The Walmart store located at 3460 El Camino in Sacramento California, must be managed by a demon straight from the roots of hell. This is a large super Walmart, two story edifice in the heart of one of Sacramento’s heavily trafficked shopping districts.

First some background on a Sacramento summer. Summer in Sacramento is HOT! And when its not HOT then its really really WARM! There is no evening fog coming off the bay to cool you off like in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are no cool tropical breezes coming on a regular basis. Every once in a while there is relief from the Delta breezes, but as my wilting backyard can tell you, “they are rare and far in between”. It is a hot ground of central valley farming warmth!

So entering a Walmart with no air condition in Sacramento is a true treat for the senses. One must hope to find what one needs FAST and rapidly act like a preacher and get the hell out of there quickly! Kind of contrary to the idea of the modern marketing ploy. The ploy of trying to get your customers to stay in the store as long as possible in the hopes that the customer will continue to buy. Smart ploy. One that is NOT used by this particular manager. Obviously this manager things that both the employees and the customers are expendible and they can tolerate a little heat. Being a customer is one thing, because I know that I can get out of there fairly quickly. But being an employee must be a true nightmare, especially upstairs! Science fact 101: HEAT RISES!

So to the manager of  this particular Walmart and any upper management corporate wide at Walmart, a plea goes out from a consumer: Don’t be so damn cheap! Value your staff and your consumer base and turn the damn air conditioning on!!!

I will be sending a letter to Walmart corporate addressing this issue as well and will post any update via response.

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