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But then I began to think: Is the mosque really being built right at Ground Zero? How near is near and what else is around there?


Like most Americans I have been overwhelmed by the national controversy of whether or not it is ok or even ethical to build a mosque at Ground Zero. I have listened to the arguments on both sides and it just seems really confusing no matter how you look at the situation.

But then I began to think: Is the mosque really being built right at Ground Zero? How near is near and what else is around there?

New York is a really big city, composed of really long New York city blocks, and Ground Zero itself is a very wide expanse of real estate. The location of the mosque is scheduled to be two city blocks distant from Ground Zero. TWO CITY BLOCKS? Everyone who has lived in a metropolis like New York knows that even one city block can be the difference between shopping at the finest clothing establishment, dancing at the gayest of discos, buying live chickens in an open air Asian market, or being shot at by skin head thugs. A city block can be its own country.

My dislike of the idea of building a mosque at Ground Zero was largely based on the fact that I was deceived by the opposition into thinking that the future mosque would actually be located in the close vicinity of the deceased Twin Towers. I was deceived into thinking this was the case. Again, the mosque would be located two city blocks away!

Who cares what happens two blocks away? What is the definition of ‘near’ or ‘at’ for that matter? Are you going to say that nothing controversial can be built within two blocks of the former Twin Towers? Or how about 4 blocks? Or what about 6 blocks? And who would have the authority to say what can and cannot be built within a certain distance from a past location?

One must then begin to think, what else is within two blocks of Ground Zero? Here is a short list:

  1. Stage Door Deli – Is it ok to grab a sandwich while touring Ground Zero?
  2. St. Paul’s Chapel – So no mosque but a Christian house of worship is ok?
  3. Seaport Yarn – Is knitting ok in the near vicinity of a terrorist attack? Or is that in some way making light of the area? What kind of yarn is sold here? Does some of the yarn come from Muslim lands?
  4. Sam’s Falafel Stand – (actually two falafel carts) Could this be a terrorist training ground too?
  5. Off-Track Betting – So no mosque, but its ok to gamble in the shadow of Ground Zero?
  6. Thunder Lingerie and More –  Not just sexy underwear, but OTHER paraphenalia is sold here too. Only for the avid sinner!
  7. The Pussycat Lounge – Seems like it is straight off the HBO show “The Sopranos” huh? Visions of topless dancers dancing to Lady Gaga music is the standard for Ground Zero.
  8. The Mysterious Bookshop – A book store that specializes in mystery novels. Could this be symbolic for this whole issue?

So, as you can see, two city blocks is made up of a diverse world of many types of businesses, religious institutions, potential sin spots, and multiple ethnic specialties. Why is the mosque any different? Who has the authority in our country based on freedom, to make a decision as to whether something can be built or cannot be built out of respect? Is it the same person who decides that more churches get built in poorer areas than wealthy areas? Is it the same person who decides if a multi-million dollar home can be built on the California coast, while obscuring the view for tourists? Or how about the pink palace built in a upscale East Bay Area town?

I guess I just still don’t get it.

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