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A leader cannot succeed by leading for his agenda. A leader must lead by leading the majority of people towards a destiny that would benefit the whole majority.


We have had a long line of worthless presidents. Presidents who were not born leaders but were created leaders. Presidents who had small, self-made plans of their own. Presidents who did not lead with the interest of the people, but rather with the interest of their own selves.

A leader cannot succeed by leading for his agenda. A leader must lead by leading the majority of people towards a destiny that would benefit the whole majority.  Our last great leaders are a mere misty memory lost in the foggy past of our father’s father and our mother’s mother. We are stuck with the modern president.

The Bush family had their own agendas: War and Oil. They stuck to their agenda. They succeeded with their agenda, and we are left with the ruins of a country teetering on total obliteration. We needed a hero. We needed a leader. A leader who inspired people like JFK. A leader who knew how to fight wars and win, like Washinton. A leader that defied odds and spoke for the betterment of humanity, like Lincoln. Our hopes rested on a new life in America. The minority rising up to provide a leader that knew poverty, opression and was familiar with injustice. America put its hopes on Obama.

But we were blind sided with out austere settlement. We have been used to mediocre for so long that we cannot see true leaders anymore. We barely can remember what a true leader looks like at all.  We had to depend on celebrity opinion like Oprah etc to tell us what a leader was to her. And we took her word on faith. After all, she is Oprah!

Yes, Obama inherited a mess. Yes, Obama brought some new hope with him. The hope that everyone can succeed in America if given the chance. Or so it appeared. But Obama is far from the typical minority representative. He has really never known poverty like many of his ancestors. And he has probably never known injustice ever. He has come from the same stale priveledged class of clueless blood that has led us into our current oblivion. He is no different. And perhaps, he is actually that much worse because he came into office with no plan.

To fix a mess one must have a plan and a strategy. We all know that rule. You have a messy kitchen, you start cleaning it in an orderly fashion with the goal of total repair in a certain amount of time. You have an end result in sight and you shoot for that goal with clean aims in place and clear direction. But Obama obviously had none of that. He had a massive mess to inherit and truly that was not his fault. But his fault is trying to tackle the mess with no clear direction or goal. One must think that he was only praying that it would fix itself in the end and that he would get the credit, much like Reagan obtaining the credit for the fall of the USSR. Timing, all timing.

And now what? Now we are left with dashed hopes. We are left with the knowledge that we placed our hopes on what appeared to be something new and fresh, and now we are worse off than before because our hopes were dashed on the sharp rocks of some obtuse health care plan. Nothing more.

We have one main problem, our economy is in serious trouble. Our country hangs in a balance. We are quickly falling behind in technology, education, employment and individual endeavor.  We were held up for a while by a sinking inflateable raft known as Real Estate. That is no longer the case. That raft has a small hole in it and it is quickly sinking into some really nasty water.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Tea Bagger or some odd self proclaimed party in between them all, you must see that we are in really dire straights. A leader will come forward again, and now we must not settle for the mediocre. We must look for quality and integrity and a plan of action to clean our kitchen!

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