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A long time ago, in a very distant past, tennis players knew how to dress.


A long time ago, in a very distant past, tennis players knew how to dress. There were few shocking outfits, and the fans could focus on the actual game.

Image of Venus Williams playing tennis.Nowadays, we have Venus Williams and her sparkles. Last night, while Venus advanced to the next round of the US Open, she wore probably the worse outfit I have ever seen on a tennis court. Basic black, possibly nylon fabric (god please say its not true!) covered with little spider like webs of glittery sparkles. One would have thought that Venus got a Sequin machine for her last birthday and just simply went crazy with it! Can you say, Bedazzler came back!!!???

The really scary part is that Venus has no sense about fashion at all. She needs to appear as a designer  on Project Runway. Maybe after getting ripped apart by the design snob judges she will learn a thing or two. But just in case she never makes it there, I will give Venus the judges point of view on her outfit last night here:

  1. Honey, you got BIG BOOTY. Don’t accentuate it by wearing tight fitting fabric around it!
  2. Your fabric should not creep slowly up your crotch. This does not good tennis make. As a matter of fact, you are portraying a constant crotch itch to the audience.
  3. Next time, lets get some drapey flowing fabric on. You might be surprised at how much easier you can move.
  4. Don’t worry Venus, the men dress worse than you in most cases. Are those shorts they are wearing now or just curtains around their legs?

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