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Buddhism teaches us that there is an end to suffering that is attainable. That end is by living the Eightfold Path.


Buddhism teaches us that there is an end to suffering that is attainable. That end is by living the Eightfold Path.  The Eightfold path is kind of like the Ten Commandments for Christians, only slightly more specific:

1. Right View –  Try to live your life while striving to see and to understand things truthfully. You must understand the impermanent and imperfect nature of the world and understand the laws of karma.

2. Right Intention – Live your life with a commitment to ethics and mental self-improvement.

3. Right Speech – Live your life without telling lies or deceiving others. Do not spread slander or use word to inflict harm on others. And don’t gossip either.

4. Right Action – Live your life without harming other living things. Do not steal or live in fraud. Be honest and kind to everything living around you. Let your actions be wholesome and true.

5. Right Livelihood – Do not make your living by dealing in weapons that are used to harm others, or to benefit from slavery of other humans, or work in meat production harming animals, or selling poisons.

6. Right Effort – Use your mental energy as a force for good. Avoid using your efforts to create violence, aggression, desire, envy.

7. Right Mindfulness – Be aware of your thoughts on a higher level. Contemplations of the body, contemplation of feelings/emotions, contemplation of your state of mind, and contemplation of phenomena. Know your thought and keep them on the path of right thought.

8. Right Concentration – Maintain your concentration on wholesome thoughts and ideas. Meditation helps your mind to stay clear and focused. Strive to maintain healthy concentration daily.

Eight clear paths towards the end of our own suffering and the aid to end other’s suffering as well. If we all lived with a focused aim towards the eightfold path then the world would be a much better place.

Yes, by the way, the State Fair was fun and nice. It was great to hang out with friends and see cool things and eat junk food. But in the back of my mind I knew that the fair was missing the sweet soul of a mother cow and her baby and that it just went on without her. For me, I will remember the violence of the State Fair and see it as a way to prostitute the slavery of animals for the benefit of humans.

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