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You think BP is cleaning anything up? How about dolphins coming to the sides of fishing boats coated in oil and begging humans for help? How pathetic has the human race become?


Please watch this video: You think BP is cleaning anything up? How about dolphins coming to the sides of fishing boats coated in oil and begging humans for help? Where is our superhero when we need him? How pathetic has the human race become? 

Is BP doing anything to protect the ocean and cleanup their horrendous mess? NO! This company should be tried for crimes against the planet as well as humanity. They should be ashamed of themselves. Do not buy gasoline sold by BP! Do not further their greed or help them to coat their velvet purses! BP is disgusting. BP is the perfect example of GREED and NEGLIGENCE.

Along came Meg Whitman. Republican candidate for the governator of California. Following in the footsteps of a horrible, idiotic terminator of a governor leaving office, hopefully to not be seen again even in mediocre film! On Good Morning America Meg made the astute statement that California needs only one solution to its problem and that is “more jobs and less corporate restrictions”. Ummmm, dear Meg, that is two things. Maybe she is the perfect example of someone who needs more school, especially when it comes to Math!

Meg would do nothing more than create more BPs. She would strip restrictions from greedy, negligent corporations and make oil drilling on the coast of California common place. She, like her wittless Republican counterparts, would help to ensure the total destructions of our planet in the feeble hopes of making a dime. If BP is any example, we don’t need LESS corporate restrictions, we need more! And above all, corporations needs CLEAN UP plans, so that they can prove that they will clean up their messes before they leave the scene of their crimes. Meg you did all the leading that you need to do. Retire to an island somewhere and hope that the oily scum does not pollute your private beach. But stay away from politics!

We are in a time when our planet hangs precariously on the balance of destruction. The ramifications of the BP gulf spill will be felt for a long time and far and wide. We can’t even comprehend the future of our fragile ocean’s ecosystem now. It is basically ready to crumble and fall in on itself.

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