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All technology should be focused on the environment as well. What would happen if people stopped using these horrible noise makers?


Technology should make our life healthier, easier and simply better. Most technology has done just that, made our life better. Technology has given us iPods, electronic coffee makers, energy efficient refrigerators, better washer and dryers, cell phones so that we can call from anywhere, the Internet to aid us in shopping and give us access to the wide expanse of the information highway, electronic and hybrid vehicles, and many more advances.

All technology should be focused on the environment as well. Apple has pioneered this promise with the advances in the materials that make up their iPhones, iMacs and Macbooks. Other companies have also made efforts to become more diligent in making sure their products have a greater degree of biodegradability. Supermarkets are even encouraging the end of plastic bags in favor of re-usable bags and biodegradable paper products.

Image of a maple leaf. So where do leaf blowers fit in to these advancements? Unfortunately, technology has also created more laziness and an adverse allergy to manual labor.  Leaf blowers are extremely noisy. Leaf blowers are extremely polutant. Leaf blowers instill added suffering to countless allergy sufferers. Leaf blowers are energy wasters. Leaf blowers are the counter product to going to the gym. In fact, leaf blowers probably add to high blood pressure in a way that only some highly expensive scientific study will one day prove no doubt.

What would happen if people stopped using these horrible noise makers?

The serene morning calm of people everywhere would not be interrupted by the neighbors gardener starting the day off for everyone in the world of stress and turmoil.

Allergens would be able to settle naturaly and not move once more into our breathing pathways.

We would have that much more fuel for more important things.

Let’s just stop using these ignorant contraptions. How about we go back to using a rake? Let’s stop being so damn lazy and actually do some manual labor to counter our rapidly widening midsections. How about we start giving our neighbors respect and stop creating more noise pollution? We already have to deal with the boom boom rattle of really bad rap music emanating from a passing, ghettorized car, we don’t need simple yard chores to add to that noise.

Quiet is a good thing. Silence is essential to our health both mentally and physically. In the absense of leaf blowers we just might find a calmer, less stressful way of life and eventually more serenity in our day. Happier people are a good thing.

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