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It seems that we desparately need more romance. In all of our media branches there is most certainly a lack of romance and old fashioned, neck biting love.


It seems that we desparately need more romance. In all of our media branches there is most certainly a lack of romance and old fashioned, neck biting love.  Wherever we go, we are bombarded with violence, car races, brutal animalistic sex, and culturally spent idols representing the collapsing of an American Rome. But where is the romance?

This weeked marked the opening of the third Twilight movie known as “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. I have not seen it yet, but have heard a lot of things about it and I have watched the love struck teen and adult fans on the news as they line up to see glimpses of their darkly loving characters. Frankly, the first movie was a good napping time spent. I found myself wanting to like it, and I loved the theme of mortals falling in love with blood sucking, yet provocative vampires. But for the most part it was lacking in almost every facet of a film. So lacking in fact, that I never could bring myself to see the second installment.

Word is out though that the third installment of this book based series is a lot better than the previous two. Characters are forming themselves. Actors and actresses are learning their lines and polishing their emotional connections on screen. And more importantly, romance is in the air. You might even skip standing in line for a new iPhone and hop over to the the movie theater instead.

We need romance. We need lots of romance. Its rare that we see it anymore. Mostly our news stories focus on the horrors of oil stained beaches, suffocating dolphins, ugly deformed women giving birth to eight or ten morally starved babies, hollywood divorces, Judge Judy yelling at neighbors fighting over a fallen fence or else, we are transported to arid eastern lands where people wear bombs strapped to their bodies more fashion sense than four over the hill cougars in that last waste of film known as Sex in the City / Desert Storm.

Vampires have always instilled images of deep seated love and lust mixed with midnight candles and sleek black wardrobes. Its historic. Vampires = kissing of some kind, and a few nibbles accompanied by droplets of blood on pasty white breasts. How hot is that??? The whole idea of drinking another human’s blood has created the dark, nefarious cult followers known as American Goths. I always loved the thought of American Goths in school. They are the rebels who don’t care what anyone else thinks ala James Dean. They appear to be artistic beyond the level of their age and all knowing in the departments of sex, drugs and music ala Picasso. And everyone knows that black is always in style and very flattering even on the most full figured mortal. Totally appealing in my book!

I remember my first real romantic, vampire based adult novel that I read was Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire”. I was instantly inthralled with seedy, night walking, white faced, fang bearing creatures.  I would have been a goth teen if they were taking sign ups in my days. Unfortunately they were not, my generation were still realing their heads from the smoke of a sexual revolution. And of course Anne Rice follows in the steps of Bram Stoker in creating magical characters that we should fear, but instead are drawn to the hope of a punctural painful embrace.

I think the Twilight series is a good thing. I think it is helping a younger American population realize that romance is not nerdy or old fashioned. They are learning that love can be good and it could potentially last a really long time and include some really kinky biting. It is indeed ancient and note worthy and worth a try in the end! Go ahead, put away your rap albums, stop your ignorant swearing, pull up your baggy pants,  turn your baseball cap back around to its correct composure, light some black candles, put on some dark eye shadow with black lipstick, sprinkle some glitter on your cheeks and go find romance. You won’t regret it and it may just be the best thing you ever experiened in your life.

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