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Sometimes friends come and go in your life like the wind. I have found that it is rare in life to really keep a single friend for all of the phases of your own life. Usually one of you will grow apart from the other, or will just simply take a new path that leads them away into uncharted waters. And so in the last year, I have found myself losing one of my closest friends to a new relationship and perhaps a new and better path in life. And I figured that that hole left where my friend used to reside in my heart would eventually be filled by a new friend whose path crossed mine.

Yesterday while searching for something, I can’t remember what it actually was really, I came across a leftover from my lost friend. A movie called “Shortbus”. He had copied it for me and I had never watched it. It had just collected dust. So, in the interest of watching something new, and having found myself struggling internally with deep issues yeasterday and not wanting to face any of those, I popped this dusty remnant of a lost friend into the DVD player and proceeded to be entertained.

I am not sure if anyone has seen this little talked about film, directed by John Cameron Mitchell, and starring Sook-Yin Lee, Paul Dawson, Lindsay Beamish, PJ DeBoy, and Raphael Barker. But for those who have viewed this film, I am curious what everyone thought it was actually ABOUT! Because I am really not sure I know. I may have to watch it again.

Let me give you fair warning, this movie is sexually explicit. VERY sexually explicit, showing full frontal nudity, both male and femal, and all kinds of sexual pursuasions in full act including hetro sex, group sex, gay sex, lesbian sex and self gratification. Pretty much all the categories are covered, and if not shown, they are talked about a little.

There are interesting scenes split apart by creative drawing of New York city in transition. There are difficult to view scenes that border on betrayal, cheating and self hatred. And there is the constant search for ……..well……I am not sure…..maybe an orgasm? Not sure really.

I am not even sure how I feel about the film in the end. I am not sure if I could even watch it again. It is slightly troublesome. It has one of the most difficult gay topic in it, which is Open Relationship and do they work or don’t they work, and all of the parameters that are brought up with them in completion.

I am eagerly anticipating some responses on what everyone thinks this movie is really about, and I know it is not just “sex” like proposes, probably based on some feable PR agent’s analytical promotion materials. So let me know. And I will try and watch it again and see if I notice a true message that is not so disturbing as the one that is coagulating in my mind right now.


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