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The internet is about the only world economy that is actually thriving and growing even as we speak. It is the future of shopping and a lively exchange of goods and services.


Image of a puzzle with one piece missing in the centerSince the internet’s inception and propogation, it has quickly become a thriving, responsive organism. It has developed its own culture and trends. It has obtained praise from people of all walks of life. It has brought the unseen to the many and the unthought to the ignorant. It has evolved into a vibrant, life giving economy of electronic information as well as a house of constant entertainment. Along with all of those things, the internet has quickly become a shopping haven for many people across the globe that suddenly realize at 2:00 a.m.  on  a work night, that they absolutely need that latest gadget or doodad and are faced with the promise of buying it with the simple click of a mouse, and are guaranteed a delivery by the time they get home from work the next day!

The internet is about the only world economy that is actually thriving and growing even as we speak. It is the future of shopping and a lively exchange of goods and services.

As Americans everywhere ponder about their misfortune while fingering their way through “Employment Opportunity” ads, while glaring angrily at the red eviction notice stapled to their front door, we are all given the task of revitalizing our economy and coming up with creative solutions to enable a greater, more reliable transfer of funds. It has been a puzzle that is stumping even the most brilliant of economists. It is far too easy to place blame on our economic failings and it is far too easy to find many individuals to blame directly. But the real question is how do we fix our economy and instill confidence in the American people, followed by the rest of the nations of the world in due time?

A suggestion, how about Free Internet? How about enabling the internet to be everywhere, like it was intended, with no monthly fees and no cancelation threats? How about the ability to buy anything at any time, anywhere you go? That would truly be a free willed and vibrant growing economical entity. And I have no doubt it would work and it would work well. Whole cities like San Francisco have battled trying to get large corporations like Google and others, to foot the bill and install wireless routers throughout the city to enable this ethereal economy to take hold and bring the next Gold Rush to California. And yet, those same greedy corporations put up stumbling blocks and “ifs or buts” in the face of city officials to thwart the good goal. They don’t see benefits to their own selves. They are mired in their own levels of employee relational politics.  Greed begets destruction in the end. And absolute power destroys absolutely. Don’t these greedy, money hungry corporations realize that if the internet was delivered to everyone free of charge in every city, it would only help to make them richer? It would create jobs and enpower the poor. It would give the power of ALL information to everyone regardless of class destinction or future destination. Maybe it would give the down trodden a new life and new way of looking at life, one that is wholly American, the one that is based on total freedom and the golden (yet often hoarded) ideal of opportunity to all.

Colleges and Universities instill knowledge, but are no longer the abyss from which intelligent and skilled youth emerge on hands and knees learning to walk for the first time in the real world. Colleges and Universities are only the demise of youth by the instillment of unfathomable debt based on those entities own depth of greed and malice. Free internet would help to eleviate the myth that success comes out of these vile installations. Free information for a free age. An age where humanity could potentially evolve based on its own merit and hard work and not the blood, sweat and tears given to the institutions of false futures.

Enable the Free Internet and you will enable a strong economy to grow and thrive and reach new heights while providing unlimited potential to all the masses. I dare you.

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