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Here is the mighty question: If someone is in a committed relationship, is it considered cheating if they chat with online strangers in flirty fashion?


Here is the mighty question: If someone is in a committed relationship, is it considered cheating to chat with online strangers in flirty fashion?Romantic photo of a person on the beach.

In this world of electronic media, as the great population of humans living in the electronic communications age begin to lose their ability to socialize in a real world, more and more individuals are developing online relationships.

Online relationships are those born of the internet only. They have rapidly become a new solution to socializing without any ramifications. You can be whomever you want online and unless you truly intend to meet the person in real life, they will always think of you as that secret James Bond character, working undercover, which you have portrayed online with your 6 pack abs of steel and your Photoshopped iridescent green eyes. They will never see the camper shell that you live in with your wife and 6 children from different women. They won’t see you hop in your beaten up, faded orange Yugo and putt-putt your way to your daily job at the local Wally World. Instead they will always think of you as jet setting your way around the world, hopping out of the newest Porsche convertible in your sparkling clean Gucci suit. The ultimate illusion. They won’t see your drinking problem, nor that gut pushing forward out of your pants possibly portending a 7th child and a glamorous visit to the Jerry Springer show. Instead they will always know you from your online picture which was taken in 1975 when you were a mere 25 years old and in perfect shape, with no baggage on your face nor in your psyche.

Sadly, many internet socializers build these ultimate illusions of the life they wanted with the body they would never own. They hide the bad sides of their personality and the deep debt they have built up after several break ups and divorces. Nor do they talk about the child support payments that are levied out of their paychecks each month.

With the state of our economy, and the fall into a desperate attempt at living a moral, Christian life that many people try to live up to, it is no wonder that so many people are enticed by the perfect solution, the internet illusion and meeting other online illusions.

Let’s take Jake for instance. Online he is 6’4″, blonde hair, blue eyes, single, succussful lawyer by day, avid sports participant at night. But in reality, he is 5’6″, 290 lbs built from drinking many beers and eating at McDonalds daily, married  to a half pretty, nagging wife that trapped him into marriage by a drunken night in the back seat of a VW parked with a view of the city scape. His real day consists of a bitter, unhappy job at the factory being yelled at each hour and feeling like he has lost out on life and never attained any of life’s rich rewards. This is followed up by returning home to a nagging wife, who really only got married to please her parents, and children that are already exhibiting signs of troubled youth at school. Jake’s only escape happens when the family goes to bed, his mind numbing basketball game is done on tv and he scurries off to his desktop computer with the last beer of the night in his orange, smelly, Cheetos stained palms. It is then that Jake becomes Chad, the man that he always wanted to be as a little boy with a celebrity life that Jake already knows that he will never attain.

When Jake becomes Chad, he plays online games and chats in flirty fashion with hundreds of willing participants. Many of his online buddies are just like Jake, living an online life that takes them away from their miserable reality. Promising to meet people in far away lands and finding excuses for not buying the plane ticket to make it there for that special online friend’s birthday party.

But there are others online, who are genuinely looking for their perfect match. Maybe they are not really good at conversation in the real world, or they hate going to bars and clubs alone and when they do venture out into the single world they never really feel like they are going to meet anyone of quality and integrity. These unfortunate victims only know to tell the truth online and hope that the recipient on the other end is doing the same. They don’t know about the Jake illusion game and they would never assume that people would ever be that dishonest. They send pictures on a constant basis to their online beau and have wondered for weeks why he only has one picture online and he is standing REALLY far away on a mountain top in a landscape photo? But our truthful victim zooms in as close as they can, to try and make out the rugged good looks of Chad and believe that YES, he is just perfect for me and really understand where I am coming from in life!

What are your thoughts? In the scenario above is Jake cheating on his wife by chatting with unsuspecting victims on the internet while his wife and children sleep in the room next door? Is it cheating to give an online stranger some of the secret hopes and dreams and wishes that he could never voice to his significant other for fear they would laugh in his face and tell him to WAKE UP? Is Jake destroying his relationship by giving intimacy to online friends while withholding that same intimacy from his wife that he is taking for granted now? Or is this just a sad outcome of an electronic age that is built on visuals and less on fact?

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