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A few years ago, my friends told me how fun it was to watch a show called American Idol. The show was based on the theme that “young” people from all walks of life could compete to become a man-made, musical, American Idol. The thought horrified me. I became part of many heated discussions on whether a musical artist could be created by promotion and contest alone.

The visual arts have similar contests called Juried Competitions. They fail to make any artist more than a city wide success for a short period.

After listening to the many arguments from all types of people, many who did not even seem to be the commercial Johns that AI aims its flaming Red Eye at, I began to watch.

I was instantly hooked and drawn in by the glittering drama and tear jerking emotions that the show exemplified. But I never did fall in for the whole voting thing. I left that to “others”.

Now, after watching the show for 4 seasons, and having become the DVR, non-voting, AI addict of SImon’s wettest dreams, I can safely say that my first thoughts of horrified disbelief are grounded in fact.

You cannot “make” an artist. An artist finds their own fate and draws that corporeal energy onto themself without any help from Simon, or his idle lackeys. No true artist will emerge from this hedonistic show. Only mad made, short lived, nouveau riche celebrity will emerge. And for many lazy Americans that is all that is needed. And many of those same viewers, these plastic encased celebrities will emulate their vision of artist.

BUT… for those of us who expect artists to be born of free will, substance, talent, perseverance, aptitude, diligence and the creative wonder that one can only be born to, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

Certainly AI has made many people wealthy, chiefly Simon and his lifeless, tacky lackeys. But has this showed better the pool of American artistic talent? No, I think not. Entertaining as it has been and addicting as they have formulated it, let us all keep our eyes open for the real talent of America. Maybe its located on the corner of a busy street or in the dark corners of some forgotten lounge.

And in final thought, Ellen, once one of my heroic hosts, now I pity you for your lack of integrity and good taste.


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