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The goddess teaches us through her seasons


The Goddess is always around and sometimes we feel her presence strong and sometimes we are not aware of her at all.

The smell of fall always makes me feel her strongest. The smell of the early rains. The smell of falling leaves. The smell of cool breezes making their way across the valleys from the ocean.

The Goddess is love, but in the fall her lesson is clear. She is speaking to all of her children and letting us know that everything must die. Everything will have its fall. Every living thing will have its Autumn of life. Some come sooner and some come later. But everything ends. The fall is the knowledge that the Goddess will be there with us all in the end. She will old us and love us in our elderly pain and sickness.

Fall is the last hurrah of life, before the darkness of winter and the dominance of the great White Dragon spreads its wings across the world. The time of deep sleep will come in the winter.

The Goddess teaches us through her seasons. She tells us how life is circular. Life begins in the spring, reaches its heights of life in the summer, begins to recede and rest more in the fall, and finally falls to sleep in the winter. But again, the goddess teaches us, Spring will come back around and we will awaken newly fresh and revived.

Is there any question that life is eternal and that we return?

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