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Modern problems are here whether we like them or not


Remember the Clinton’s ideal of “It takes a village…”? That was the brain washing American propaganda machine at its best. Its not the parents fault that their child turned out to be a rude little selfish brat….its the other tax payers in the village. How ignorant is that concept.

Yes, in some ways, we as members of a civilized community must help to educate the generation that follows us, but no, we are not responsible for other families being messed up.

Of course, most American families are messed up but we can’t fix that most times. Stupid people beget more stupid people. Problems attract problems and selfish behaviors get selfish results.

We are each responsible in teaching our children right from wrong, and respect for others as well as respect for our environment. We cannot be responsible for the ethics and morals of other families children. In most cases, those troubled people should have never had children in the first place.

To have children is a responsibility. It is a job. It is a full time job and there are no vacations. And in the end, there is nobody else to blame when things go wrong. The child is a direct reflection of their parents either present or not.

How could we improve our village mentality and raise a better breed of children? How about enforcing a license to have children? How about a limit on numbers of children based on income and education? How about not paying people with tax payer funds to have children only for the reason of spitting them out?

Modern problems are here whether we like them or not. We cannot hide our eyes from the plague of stupid people having stupid children. But we should not be forced to pay for their education and welfare. That is part of their parent’s responsibility!

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