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Neo-Pagan Modern Thoughts On Society

Let’s live in peace and encourage free creative supportive thought!


Suffering from anxiety disorder? I know the feeling. My anxiety went away for many years. Now it is back with a super vengeance. Not a day goes by that my anxiety does not pop up and say “hey, remember me? I am going to mess with your day now.” And then proceeds to cause havoc.

Small things set off my anxiety. Things that people with no anxiety issues deal with without a thought. Things like going grocery shopping to a store I have never been. Stopping to get gas at a station I have not pulled into in the past. Walking down a street on the side of the street I have never walked.

My thoughts ramble coming a million per second and increasing my heart beat to a point where my heart feels like it is going to break out of my chest. “What if your atm card does not work and people are waiting behind you?”  “What if a stranger says something to you that hurts your feelings and causes emotional upheavel?” “What if you get lost and can’t find your way home?” Lovely thoughts of self destruction, self doubt and self hatred.

With the huge numbers of people suffering from some form of anxiety depressive disorder you would thing that by now our culture would start getting a clue that we need to slow down and stop putting pressure on our children, loved ones, neighbors, friends and strangers. Let’s live in peace and encourage free creative supportive thought!

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