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Last night was my first night taking Atripla. I didn’t sleep well at all. Stress from moving to a drug taking regime for the rest of my life added up I guess.

Things I noticed right away is that I became very loopy and out of it most of the night. I took it late, 11pm on an empty stomach as the instructions state. But with my loopiness came nausea. Really bad nausea. I don’t take many drugs, even when I am sick, so I think my body fights everything mad made I put in it. My head felt very light and I had dizziness along with the extreme nausea. I can’t speak to the side effects of vivid dreams as I barely slept at all.

Today I am regretting the not sleeping issue. My head feels like it is going to explode from pressure. My cough has become much worse and it is harder for me to take full breadths. I played tennis yesterday and I think that was a mistake. I think I need to rest. But my life does not really allow me to rest right now. I have no safe place.


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